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"Crack" Goes This Rotten Civilization


No one is more glorious than a sankirtana devotee because he distributes Shrila Prabhupada's mercy, by which the world will never be the same again. I want to share with you a story that some social psychologists tell, because it is relevant to book distribution.


Some islands in the Pacific were inhabited by monkeys who dug up sweet potatoes, being the only food there for the monkeys to eat. But because they were not very smart, the monkeys were crunching on dirt along with the sweet pota­toes, until one day, on one of the islands one monkey thought, "Why do I have to eat these potatoes with the crunchies? I'll bring them to the ocean, wash them off, and eat them without the crunchies." From then on his sweet potatoes tasted won­derful, and the monkey shared them with his family members, who also started washing their sweet potatoes. Gradually, more and more monkeys on the island started washing their sweet potatoes. When ninety-five percent of the monkeys on the island started to wash their sweet potatoes, a monkey on a nearby island suddenly decided to wash his sweet potatoes

in the ocean. Soon, when all the monkeys on that island were also washing their sweet potatoes, the monkeys on the next island also spontaneously started to wash their sweet potatoes. There was no communication between the islands, no mon­key mail. Just because ninety-five percent of the monkeys on one island were doing it, all the monkeys on the next island started doing it, until all the monkeys in these islands of the Pacific were washing their sweet potatoes in the ocean. Although rbis example is mundane. 1 was meditating on it because it has a direct link to our distribution of Shrila Prabhu­pada's books. We are distributing his books, and we are going to just keep on distributing his books, until the weight of these books on the human society will be so great that one country will suddenly crack and all the people in that country become Krsna conscious. Then the next country will crack, and the people will become Krsna conscious. All countries around the world will become Krsna conscious because of all the books being distributed by the devotees. Just see how many books have suddenly been distributed in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. One year only a few books were going out underground, and the next year hundreds of thousands of books were going out publicly. How is it happening? It is happening because of the domino principle: All the dominoes are lined up next to each other. When you push over the first domino, it pushes over the second one, which pushes over the third, and so on, until all the dominoes fall over. Because we had been distributing Shrila Prabhupada's books throughout the world, the pressure on the Soviet Union was so great that it had to crack.


Shrila Prabhupada's books are being distributed by the hundreds, thousands, and millions throughout the year. We should have full, transcendental faith that this book distribu­tion mission is going to make a big impact in this world. It is not even a question of how, where, when, or whv. It will happen because Shrila Prabhupada said that it would happen. In 1977, he said that historians would look back on this time in history, the latter part of the twentieth century, and they would see the revolutionary seeds that were planted to change the face of this planet. We may not be able to see it, because sometimes we are fruitive. We think that unless everybody in the world is chanting in kirtana, we haven't been a success. Nevertheless, it will come to pass. The people will have so many books constantly emanating Krsna consciousness in their homes that every time someone walks by, he will be affected. At one point someone will pick up the book, read it and change his life.In this way we are gradually wearing down the defenses of this material civilization, so that the whole world is coming to know who Krsna and Shrila Prabhupada are and what this Krsna consciousness movement is all about. The people will have no other choice than to surrender to Krsna. This rotten materialistic civilization will crumble, and a Krsna conscious civilization will arise. Krsna consciousness is the only solution. The materialists have tried everything else, but nothing else works. Therefore we should go on distributing as many books as we can. It doesn't matter if you are in first, second, or tenth place. All that matters is that you are in a place, distributing Shrila Prabhupada's books as much as you can. Nothing is more important than to go on steadily distributing books, so let us continue to give the people Krsna consciousness and make our lives successful. And at the end, we will all go back home, back to Godhead together.