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We Have to Beat Maya


It becomes clear in the Prabhupada Marathon that there are different levels of distributors. The mahd-rathls can do more than five hundred books a day and the ratfiis can do four hundred. But even if you can do only five books a day, do whatever you can because we want you to taste the ecstasy of this transcendental distribution. Even it you can only do a little, you will experience the great ecstasy of this distri­bution. Therefore in the Prabhupada Marathon we should empty the temples completely. Everyone, except maybe one pujarl, should go out. We create a little social pressure at marathon time because it pushes us to go out. Otherwise we think, "Oh, the mara­thon. The big mahd-rathls will do enough. It doesn't matter if I don't do anything and go to sleep in a corner of the temple." No! One should feel some social pressure- "Hev, what are vou doing?"


"Who, me? I wasn't doing anything, just cleaning the floor." "Hey! This is no time to be wallowing in mdyd. Get out the door!" It is good to get a kick in the pants now and then. But then don't start thinking, "Oh, heavy! I've got to go out for four weeks and beat this one, that one, and the other one. It's going to be tough. What a struggle! My fame! If I don't defeat everybody, I won't be famous. What will the others think of me? At the end, when everyone is beating on the drums and screaming, ‘Hari bol :and it comes to my name and I'm only number ten—how terrible that will be!" If you think like that, mdyd has already succeeded at sneaking in and captering you. You should think, I have to do my best. With all my energy, determination, and enthusiasm, I'll distribute these books for Krsna." Never think, "I've got to be number this or that. Only if I beat this dasa or that devl dasl will I be happy." You have to beat mdyd and that is all. Maya tries to engage you in all sorts of artificial battles to make you miserable. We can beat mdyd if we remain transcendental and just try to satisfy the Supreme Lord by going out and distrib­uting as much as we can.Our bliss comes from killing the people's demoniac mental­ity with these books. To kill their bodies just puts off the troubles into the future. The same demons would take birth again and create another set of troubles. Therefore we should go on with this transcendental literature distribution mission and conquer the demoniac mentality. That is the most won­derful way to satisfy Shrila Prabhupada, get his mercy, and go back home, back to Godhead.