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Think Positive


Since there are so many things to do for Krsna, we should be determined not to waste any more time in pursuit of sense gratification. When we are determined in this way and go about our devotional service fearlessly, enthusiastically, and optimistically, we will surely attain success in this life. I have seen these qualities completely transform a place. When I first came to Germany, the devotees werw walking around the temple, lamenting piteousiy: "Its hopeless. What's the use.' We're finished." Upon seeing this I made a propaganda campaign: I walked around the temple, savins. "It's hopeful. It's definitely getting better. Very good. Excellent." I kept it a secret but tricked two devotees into taking my side in the campaign. We just kept pumping out good propaganda. After a while the devotees began to wake up and think, "It's not so bad." They realized how good it was and started dis­tributing ten times more than anyone else in the world. Wonderful things were done because they started thinking how auspicious, workable, and blissful everything was. Do you know about the power of positive thinking? If you think that you are finished, then you are finished. That is why before a boxing match the two fighters come into the middle of the ring and stare at each other. One tries to look at the other stronger because as soon as one of the fighters thinks, "Now I'm finished," although he may be stronger and better, he is finished.


We have to develop positive thinking. It you think that you can do it, then you can do it. If you think that you can distribute one thousand books a day, then somehow you will figure out how to do it. One thousand books is only twenty-five to thirty sets a day. You just have to meet thirty peo­ple who take a set. It becomes possible as soon as you start thinking that it is possible. It is a question of having the right attitude. You have to depend on Krsna. Remember, Krsna is God: If Krsna desires something to happen, it happens; if He wants you to distribute one thousand books a day, vou will do it, although you may not understand how it is happening. Simply link up with the desire of the Lord and do unlimitedly wonderful things. Have some faith in Krsna! The best way to develop that  faith is to start thinking that it is possible — in other words, it is up to you. If you want to become Krsna conscious and do wonderful things for Krsna, you will. If you don't, you will not, no matter what anyone says. If you think, "Nice talk, but impractical," then nothing will happen. Even if somebody walks up to you on the street and wants to give you a million dollars, you will think, "Ah, he doesn't want anything any­way." One with the proper attitude thinks, "I'm Krsna's rep­resentative and Krsna wants wonderful things to happen " and goes out with optimism, enthusiasm, and determination. Krsna is ready to turn over the world to you; He is just waiting for you to develop a little faith.


We come to that point by simply doing it. Some devotees say, "How can I do sankirtana1. My head, my mind, my this, and my that... " and we reply,

"Just go and do it!"

"But, but, but..."

"Just try it!"

"But, but, but... "


"But..." Just go!

"All right."

Then they try, and it gets better and better. Soon they are doing fine. It is possible. Simply by trying, everything occurs. Just throw yourself into the middle of this very merciful mission, and you will attain wonderful results.