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The Highest Welfare Work for Humanity

Shrila Prabhupada's books teach one to come out of the dark­ness and come to the light: "Come out of the miserable condi­tion of material existence and become Krsna's eternal servant! Become free from the material creation and go back home, back to Godhead, where you belong!" By distributing these books we are doing the highest welfare work for humanity at large. Sometimes people complain, "Why don't you go and get a job? Why don't you do something for the people?" But we   are doing something for the people. We are giving them spiri­tual knowledge that frees them from the cycle of birth and death. They don't understand that we are doing the highest service for the people because they don't understand that the supreme goal of life is to surrender to Visnu.


"Distribute books" is not a cheap slogan like "power to the people." It is a sublime instruction that gives a process tor the welfare of a world suffering under the illusory concept of lifp Tbp nnlv solution is to surrender to Krsna How will rbev ever know that they should surrender to Krsna if they don't get Shrila Prabhupada's books? On every page Prabhupada is saying, "Surrender to Krsna. You are not this body; you are a part of the Supreme." Therefore our duty is clear. We should go on distributing books more and more. Nothing is lost by distributing books. We have seen in other parts of the world that they collect like mad to acquire places of residence; but in this zone, where distributing books is the primary concern, we have seen at least three different places donated freely. In other parts of the world this is unheard of, but because of our eagerness to distribute these books, Krsna says, "Yes. Here, take this place." Krsna can give us the whole world if He wants. We should try to surrender fully to Krsna and, under His direction, preach for the sake of the entire world and distribute these books like anything. Now we are nearing the most glorious time of the year — the Prabhupada Christmas Marathon. It is an ideal time for delivering the fallen souls. Out of sentiment, people save money all year to buy something. Therefore we bring them the transcendental gift of incalculable value. We say, "Here, if you really want to have a happy Christmas, this is the way to do it. Transcendentalize your existence; try to become spir­itual." We give them these books freely, without the mental obstruction: "Oh, will they take it?" We are bold and conn-lent: "Here' Take it! Touch this book, read one word and you will be benefited." What to speak ot reading a tew chapters of Srlmad-Bhdgavataml Even if a person reads a few chapters and concludes that he doesn't understand anything, he has still read a few chapters of Srlmad-Bhagavatam. That means in the future he will read Srlmad-Bhagavatam again and eventually come to the spiritual world.


When we distribute books, we meditate on how it is an extraordinary activity. We are not only doing it because it pleases the spiritual master. If one thinks like that, one could think, ‘’Oh’ I can  please my  spiritual master if I cook a nice pizza pie." Book distribution is the highest activity. Ceto-dar-pana-mdrjanam — it cleanses the mirror of the heart, the con-shriousness. cetn Bhava-mahd-ddvdpni-nirvdt>anam— it takes one out of the ocean of material suffering, material birth and death. It is the highest welfare work for humanity, because it spreads the cooling rays of the benediction moon and calms the burning fire of sariisdra, repeated birth and death.