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Straightforward Presentation


People appreciate a straightforward presentation. In New York we used to distribute in subway trains. Upon entering the train carriage, the devotees would make announcements about Indian relief work or drug rehabilitation. But being from New York, I was convinced that nobody heard much of what we said even if they wanted to, because the door was slamming shut and the train was moving. The people sitting on the train suddenly see this weird-looking guy in devotional clothing appear at the end of the carriage. He announces something and then goes around smiling and shaking a do­nation can. The people are traihed-up: If a can is placed in front of them, thev put something in it, thev get something to read, and everything is OK. We used to give them the pamphlet Krsna, the Reservoir of Pleasure and some prasddam. The people liked it. I didn't want to waste my time vibrating mundane sounds all day, so I started to make announcements like, "By the mercy of Gaura-Nitai, this Krsna consciousness movement is spreading love of Godhead all over the world. You can help. Give a nickel, a dime, a quarter, a dollar, or whatever you can." My partner and I were both from the Bronx. We used to do the Number Six train, which goes to the Bronx. All the peo­ple from the Bronx realized from our accents that we were also from the Bronx. Since I did better than everybody, soon the other distributors started making similar announcements: "By the mercy of the six Gosvamis of Vrndavana. By the mercy of Radha-Govinda." The presentation was straightforward and successful.


The biggest hang-up to success is in the mind. If you ap­proach somebody thinking, "Oh, I'm a Hare Krsna, and you're not going to like this," and present the book in an apologetic, negative way, you will not have much success. You must have a positive frame of mind, because you control the person with your mind. A good book distributor can take over the minds of the karmls. When he is talking, you have no choice but to listen. He knows the art of taking over someone's mind like a good salesman would, but he does it in a spiritual way and the effect is devastating. You have to think positive and have a positive under­standing. Then you can go into somebody's mind and control U by positive Krsna conscious power. You know thai what \ou are doing is right and good, and the person you are talking to also knows it. Therefore saying that this is Hare Krsna is not a problem. Of course this is Hare Krsna. Who else would do such a wonderful thing?


The karml considers himself a powerful person. Yet a boy has managed to stop and capture him. Through this subtle interplay, the devotee earns the respect of the karml, saying in effect, "You're so great, and yet I'm stopping you and we are having a discussion. Imagine how powerful I must be. Who is giving me that power? Just read this book ‘’these words are never spoken, but that is what happens.

The karmls are on ego trips, especially in the business world: evervone is trvinp to overpower the others on subtle levels: "My suit is better than your suit. Look at the gold watch I have." We should be similarly powerful and concentrated, always thinking about our purpose and depending on Krsna in the heart.


When Harinamananda dasa looks at people and his eyes lock into their eyes, they cannot stop looking at him. He hands the book to them and their hands reach out and take it, and after a while, he gives them another one and then another. He averages about seven per person, and if they take all seven without blinking, he gives them a set. Sometimes he sells two sets a day on the street. By his spiritual power he forces people to surrender to Krsna, and they never complain. They appreciate his power and walk away feeling blissful.Not all book distributors come across super-powerful. Some are more mellow and others more kind. The girls don't come across with power but with kindness. This melts men's hearts because they don't find this quality of kindness in their wives. According to each person's capacity, each has a particular way to distribute with potency.