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Recognizing the Nature of Others


Every book distribut L aid know has., lies techniques. They have to learn by practical experience because in every country people will present themselves in a specific manner. With some experience a distributor will be able to keep a person's attention. He has to figure out more or less what the person does by guessing or questioning—"What do you do? Where do you come from?" That forces a person to relate to you. But questions can also annoy a person, because he doesn't have any particular commitment to the situation he has run into. If you can guess a person's occupation, then he becomes amazed. A. book distributor develops a second sense tor it, and when he gets better and better at it, he can understand a person's mind and mood. At least if he understands a person's mood, then he can sav things that the person relates to. A devotee has to see from the other person's point of view. If the weather is enjoyable and people are in a good mood, you can say to someone, "It's really nice out, isn't it?" You don't say, "Lousy day, isn't it?" because he is not going to relate to that. For him, today is fine, and for a karml, if it is fine one day, it is fine forever. You capture his mood, and he reciprocates with you immediately.


But sometimes you have to be really straightforward with somebody and dive directly into the business. People like it if you are businesslike when they are in a hurry. So you have to adjust. Don't start asking questions. Jump into selling the book, and the person will appreciate that. If you are standing in the rain or it is very cold, don't get into a long discourse about the books, because the person simply wants to move on. It takes a little common sense and a lot of experience. You must discriminate intelligently and judge the situations according-to time, place, and circumstance.