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As soon as you surrender to book distribution, you directly experience Krsna reciprocating with you at every moment. Amazing things begin to happen. Krsna starts arranging fa≠vorable circumstances and guiding you to people who take books. This occurs because of the Lord's presence. When you simply think, "Please, Krsna, help me distribute Your books," Krsna responds, " Yes, i would love to help you distribute more books." The Supreme Lord is in the heart, and one can work in direct and constant contact with Him. Of course this connection takes time; it is not something you can do over≠night or even in a few years. Yet if we surrender to Krsna fully, He takes charge of our lives. He personally runs the life of anyone preaching for Him. Thus the book distributors are the most fortunate. They get the best chance to surrender, the best opportunity for serving, and the best facilities for going home, back to Godhead. All perfection comes to them. They are no longer bound to this material world.


A devotee comes before the Supreme Personality of God≠head full of love for the Lord. He is happy to see the Lord. But don't think that it just goes one way. The Lord is also happy to see the devotee. When the curtains open in the morning you are happy to see the Deities, and the Deities are happy to see you. Of course, the Deities are always happy because bliss is Their nature. Yet I have seen that when the sankirtana devotees come to the temple, the Deities are much happier. They are happy to see Their wonderful devotees before Themóchanting and dancing in ecstasy ó and you become very happy to see Them happy. This is the transcen≠dental way of loving reciprocation and relationship.