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Push Yourself


One should be a gentleman on the street and not an over-pushy salesman. Otherwise people get annoyed. They don't like ' be pushed around, bu* '"hey are happy t^ meet a gentb man who does everything nicely. One must push oneself, so that he doesn't become overwhelmed by the lower modes of nature. Pushing oneself means pushing oneself out the door and pushing oneself from person to person quickly. But when he is talking to people, he is a gentleman and doesn't push them. Pushing oneself is possible, allowed, and desired, but pushing others is not. Maya, in her form of the modes of material nature, is always trying to defeat us. Whatever little advancement we make, mayd pushes back with strength. If we let may a push us back, we are ueieaieu. w nen a uevoLee sunenueis lu mayd, sue says, "Ah, now 1 have you in my clutches... " and he chokes. But if he makes the effort, and mayd sees him pushing through —not paying any attention to her attemepts—she lets go and he comes respectful. Prabhupada always used to tell us, "You just ' make the effort. In coming to America, I had the impossible task to make people Krsna conscious who had no idea of Krsna consciousness, who were addicted to every conceivable kind of sinful activity. I am just one man and I am old, but in my little way, I tried." Prabhupada was always busy trying, and because of trying he always succeeded.