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Pray to Krsna and Try

If you just pray to Krsna and try, then you can do wonderful things. Just pray to Krsna, "Please, my dear Lord, Shri Krsna, give me Your energy to do this service that You want done." You will be amazed at how much energy you get, amazed at what happens. But if you think, "Here I am," and the trumpets sound: "Ace distributor number one hitting the streets again," then mayd blows her trumpets: "MayadevI number one hitting ace distributor number one," and you are finished. That is the way it works. Therefore you must approach this service in a humble state of mind, thinking, "O Krsna, if I'm not careful, mayd will blow her trumpets and send her agents to steal me away from Your service and ruin me." First we nave to understand that wc are helpless and insig­nificant—just small peanuts in the crowd. We need to pray to Krsna, "Krsna, my Lord, inspire me from within the heart. Without You I'm nothing. Unless You help, direct, and inspire

me, I can accomplish nothing." Then one can do anything. That is not an idle claim or some nice talk. Have faith in Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and daily pray, "Krsna, I'm helpless. I have no strength on my own. Please put Your sakn in me: krsna-sakti vino, nahe tara pravartana. Let me be a receptacle of Your energy, and I promise I will do nothing but spread Your mission all day long." Then Krsna is ready to give you unlimited power and potency. The only problem is you are not ready to take it because you are putted up, thinking you are a big man: "1! Me! 1 can do it. I have power." If you think you are an expert, may a immediately sends an agent to push you over. When this happens, you can understand that Krsna arranged it to straighten you out because you weren't surrendering. So if you want success, you have to become very, very humble and totally surrendered to Krsna. Otherwise there is no possibility of success, nor happiness, nor peace.