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Marathon Is Nothing for the Body


 i t is amazing how everybody becomes  "- ecstatic bv simplv dis­tributing Shrila Prabhupada's books during the marathon. Ma­terially it is very difficult: we are running here and there, always carrying books, and hardly getting enough sleep or proper prasadam to eat. Yet it becomes so ecstatic because it is just service and nothing for the body. When we make arrangements to ensure that the body is well taken care of, it is hard to feel ecstatic. Our minds and desires become more absorbed in the body, and we forget the spiritual energy. We forget that we are serving Krsna and start thinking that we are enjoying. But when we are working extremely hard, even under difficult circumstances, we become ver\ ecstatic be­cause it has nothing to do with the body, sense gratification, or material enjoyment.


The marathon is the time to give out, and the non-marathon time is the time to absorb in. But one should always have a morning program, even during marathon. It can be compressed into thirty minutes. Don't just chant your rounds and run out the door, because you need spiritual strength. You still should read. You can unwind at the end of the day by reading Krsna book for forty minutes before taking rest. During marathon one gets into a state of madness, which has advantages and disadvantages. Maybe it is necessary to make a little sign in the van by your sleeping place, so you don't forget to read before taking rest.It is good that the marathon inspires you to do more, but it is not good to lapse into complacency when it is over. When you have a mental concept of ''Marathon!" and afterward the idea "Marathon is over," the results fall dramatically. The dis­tribution time between marathon and non-marathon differs maybe one hour, so the result should not reduce more than one hour's worth of distribution. You should keep on going at the same pace and maintain the marathon mood of inspi­ration to increase. I wish the whole year could be a sankirtana marathon. We should declare every year a marathon and always increase with more marathons until finally we realize that our entire existence is one big marathon.