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Give One Hundred Percent


To think that setting higher quotas will expand book distri≠bution is a misconception. The quota is to do as much as you can. We do not say, "You must do this much," because we are not fruitive. Theretore we never make quotas; we simply say, "Do what you can and then do some moreódepend on Krsna and see how much more He can do." Prepare yourself like that. Pray to Krsna to become free of the tendency to hold something back. Sometimes we give only fifty percent of our capacity in a day. That is not good. We will not be losers if we give one hundred percent of our capacity. Krsna will take care of us, He will carry what we lack and preserve what we have. He will give us the strength to conquer material nature and continue with the sankirtana mission.


Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura used io sa\, "Krsna doesn't look so much at what you are doing as at what vou are holding back." If vou don't give one hundred percent to the sankirtana mission, you are holding back some of your energies for your own self-interest. Krsna says, "Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer or give away, and whatever austerities you perform should be done as an offer≠ing to Me." Krsna didn't say "some of the things that you do." He didn't say "part-time," or "when you're not busy doing something else." He said, "All of it! Give Me everything!" Still, what we are able to give is an insignificant offering because we are such limited spirit souls. To give everything to Krsna is just enough; anything less is not enough. Krsna doesn't look so much at what we do as at what we hold back.


A sankirtana devotee should be trained to give one hun≠dred percent of his capacity to the service of the Supreme Lord. One devotee's capacity might be one hundred books a day and another devotee's capacity might be five hundred. If both are giving one hundred percent, they are considered equal in the eyes of the Lord. We may glorify more the one doing big, which is also good, but the Lord is satisfied to see both devotees giving one hundred percent. One with the capacity to increase should do so; otherwise there is a danger he will become complacent, thinking, "There is no need to do more. I have done good enough. I can stop pushing." One may think this pushing is bad, but this pushing is what keeps us Krsna conscious. Somebody should always be lighting some fire under us, so that we feel the heat to preach more or distribute more books to satisfy the supreme Person≠ality of Godhead. When we come back to the temple, we can have a good klrtana and collapse in exhaustion, having given one hundred percent in the service of the Supreme Lord.