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Distributing in the City


You are in the big city now and not in the country, where the farmers are. City people are sophisticated, intelligent, and successful. You have to approach them properly. You have to be strong, clear, crisp, and heavy enough to break their illu­sion of sophistication. You have to grab them (I do not mean physically) and hold them with your spiritual strength and conviction.


You are trying to be nice guys. You approach the people with, "Oh, please, sir..." and you just get brushed aside: "Get out of here!" Being a nice guy with a big gushy heart is useless. It get you nowwher. We have aservice to do. After  Arjuna heard the Bhagavad-gita, he went onto the Battlefield ot Kuruksetra and fought, and that is what you have to do. You have to do vour service like a thunderbolt. It is not the time for the rose. A devotee has a rose and a thunderbolt, but he shows each according to the situation. Now is the time for the thunderbolt, so put the rose away. You cannot be such a nice guy. Purification does not necessarily mean you become a nice guy. That is what Arjuna thought before he heard the Bhagavad-gita, and the whole Bhagavad-gltd deals with this illusion. There is a saying in America: "Nice guys finish last." Everybody walks over your head if you try to be nice, because nobody is a nice guy. Do you want to give a nice picture of Krsna consciousness? Are a bunch of wet dishrags a nice picture? The Christian monks already have that image, and nobody cares about them. You have to be tough. This is Kali-yuga. People respect power nowadays—not wishy-washy dishrags.


You are such soft and sweet devotees. You are so kind-hearted that you are letting the karmls go to hell. This is your mercy. Isn't that nice of you? "Oh, yes, my dear materialist, you can jump in the lake and kill yourself. You can cut your throat. You can become a dog, you'll like it." That means you are complete fools, without the faintest idea of what you are doing. You are like a doctor who should cut away a boil but doesn't cut because the patient says, "Oh, it hurts!" and later the whole arm has to be amputated. Such a doctor is so "kind" and "pleasing." Is that what you want to do? If it is the time to cut, then get the knife and cut! We are not sentimentalists; otherwise how could 1 insult everybody like this? It I were a sentimentalist, I would say, "Oh, my beloved disciples, just do your best." Rascals, fools, and nonsenses: Get out there and do something!