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Distributing for the Proper Price


People need to understand the value of Shrila Prabhupada's books. Thus the distributor needs to understand their value himself. When he understands, so will the people. If you approach a person, thinking, "I know you don't want this book, but I'm going to try to induce you to take it. It's as cheap as I can possibly give it, the cost of the printing. Just give something, anything. Please!" then you project this idea onto the person, and he will think, "It's not worth much, so I'll give him as little as I can get away with or nothing a; all." Thi the fault of the distributor, who should understand the value of these books. One book is worth more than its weight in gold. It is the most valuable thing. Only twice the BBT price is an insult. These books would cost much more in a bookstore. We give out books so ridiculously cheap out of our mercy and because we are not greedy.By distributing Shrila Prabhupada's books in enormous quantities everywhere, people will understand what real phi­losophy is. Sometimes they say, "These books are too difficult to understand, ‘’but nothing is difficult about it . Any  one can understand these books, f'hey tind it difficult because they think that "It's all one" or "It's all nothing" or that they should nnlv eat. sleep mate, and defend. Thev don't want to under­stand this philosophy, because they will realize that their lives are a waste of time.


They should surrender to Krsna and go back to Godhead, but their minds rebel against this because their senses control their minds. They think, "Since these books are telling me to surrender, it's better that I don't understand anything and put the book away." But at some point they will have to surrender because they bought a book and didn't throw it away. That is why we don't give out these books for free. If we would, we would find them all thrown away. Instead of thinking, "What? God? Surrender? Never! Throw it out!" they think, "What? God? Surrender? Never!" and put it on the shelf. Then their children come along when no one is looking and pick out the book, and they read it, "Yes, that's right. Krsna," and they become devotees of Krsna.