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Determining Your Pace


In a marathon you must learn to pace yourself. You go at such a speed that you can get into a rhythm. If you go too slow, you become lethargic. If you go too fast, you break down. It is called pacing yourself I here is no formula for finding your optimal pace because everybody is different; it must be done individually. During the marathon you distribute as you would during the rest ol the ycai, but also let yourself get wrapped up in the energy of the marathon. Then a gradual increase will automatically take place, culminating in the last week, when you can give everything you have left to give. (This may mean that you have to spend some time in January recovering.)


In 1985 in Argentina we started a ten-year marathon. Usually people go up and down from one marathon to the next. One year they are big stars, and the next year they are gone. The "ten-year marathon list" is amazing because it shows who has steadily been going on sankirtana over the years. Everyone should develop the commitment to go on steadily, year after year. A perfect example of this steadiness is Rohinl-suta Prabhu, who has been going out since 1973. Through his constant endeavor he has distributed so many books. Of course, nowadays he distributes a little less because he helps others become book distributorsóbut he still goes out. You should think like that and have long-term vision. If you cannot do big in the marathon, don't be discouraged. Think about how your long-term, steady service will satisfy your spir≠itual master and Krsna very much.