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Detachment from Fruitive Mentality


The performer of this Krsna consciousness process gradually realizes that he is not the doer and thus becomes detached from the fruits of his actions. Almost everyone is attached to the fruits of his actions, although attachment destroys the activity. For example, if you are distributing books and are attached to the fruit of your work, you will think about the amount of books you are distributing. Then the people on the street will look at you and think, "He's a fruitive worker like me, but he looks funny and his books look strange." They will walk over your head without any respect, and they will not take anything. But if you are distributing to satisfy your spiri­tual master, Krsna, and Lord Chaitanya, and you are trying to help the conditioned souls, a completely different vibration comes from you. People will be drawn to you and they will gladly take a book, because they will feel that this is something special ai.d that :' involves higher principle not: that yo. are merely trying to make a sale. It is so important to develop this detachment from the fruitive mentality. It brings success in spiritual life. And it begins by your understanding that you are not the doer or the controller.


Krsna sometimes allows you to become bewildered, so that you understand that you are not the controller. It is an in­teresting experience. Let us say you are distributing books, convinced that you are the controller. You try to act like a controller, but it doesn't work. You become bewildered. No-Kor|v 5tprK tQ listen to vou. You ate spinning around on the street, wondering, "What's going on?'" Then Krsna in the heart says, "Fool! Don't you know yet that you are not the controller? Whv don't vou surrender to Me and see what happens?" Finally you come to the point of surrender: "Krsna! You are the controller. Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare/Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare." Then amazingly things start to change. You come out of bewil­derment and can serve Krsna again. This bewildering effect of material nature is Krsna's direct mercy on the living entities to teach them that they are not the controllers. The material nature helps us to surrender by repeatedly beating us until we realize that we are not the controllers.