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Creating Enthusiasm


When a devotee's consciousness is low, he may become cold and calculating. He squeezes as much money as he can out of "these sinful people." When the people respond by being unenthusiastic, everything becomes a big mess as the devotee and the people become heavier and heavier with each other. The devotee's consciousness on sankirtana is so important. He must speak to people with a feeling of love in order to inspire them to act with piety and devotion. When people meet such an enthusiastic devotee, they immediately become enthusiastic. Even if they don't understand what he is talking about, they still want to give a donation. Learning to create enthusiasm in others is very important. This enthusiasm is what the spiritual masters arouse in their disciples. Out of improper understanding the disciples may not reciprocate, but the spiritual master still instructs them and changes their understanding. Vaisnavas who understand the Absolute Trurh aive alrhoiipb no one reciprocates.


One has to be spiritually powerful to create enthusiasm within the human society. That is the principle behind book distribution. Who is more qualified than Shrila Prabhupada to make the human society enthusiastic? Shrila Prabhupada's books are eternal. Anybody who has Shrila Prabhupada's books cannot remain unenthusiastic. Therefore we are pumping them into the human society without stop, so that people will gradually become more and more enthusiastic. Often we hear how so-and-so made this or that person a devotee, but in my opinion the books make more devotees than all of us put together.