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Books Are the Solution

The people on the street are tilled with desires, and usually the desire to have one of Shrila Prabhupada's books is not among them. Therefore the book distributor, as Krsna's repre­sentative, creates within the people's hearts the desire to take these books. Otherwise, how will they ever become happy? No matter how hard they try, they cannot satisfy all their material desires. You can tell the people what Krsna says in the Bhagavad-gltajanma-mrtyu - jard - vyddhi - duhkha - dosdnudarsanam. You say, "My dear sir, you should be aware of the great prob-l^mc of lifp nqrppU' hirrh Hp'^rb old nop ann disease Some rare philosophers might speculate about these problems, but most people don't speak about them because they are not aware that there is a solution. Thev think that death is un­beatable. Your death will also come, sir, so you should think about what you are going to do about it. These books have the only solution to the problems of birth, death, old age, and disease. Unless you study this Vedic literature, you'll never find the solution. Never! Therefore, you must take these books."


We distribute these books to the people of the world, so that they will understand their constitutional position to love and serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead and satisfy Him with the results of their activities. Everyone wants to love and be loved. Everyone wants to be peaceful, satisfied, and happy. If you show a list of these desires to anyone, he will say, "Yes, that's what I want." But in the material world it is not possible to have peace, satisfaction, happiness, and love unless you are a devotee of the Lord. The material world simply does not have the facility to offer such satisfaction. The only way to attain all these desirable things is to take the first and topmost step toward surrender to Krsna by buying one of Shrila Prabhupada's books.


Shrila Prabhupada said, "Know for certain that there is no better way to preach Krsna consciousness than through the distribution of my books." Know it for certain! You may-preach some words to somebody for a short time, but when you walk away he will forget everything you said. Therefore, we leave people with a book to refer to later. It may sit on the shelf, but it will wait tor them to open it and read a tew lines, pages, chapters, or maybe even the whole book. Then when they open it, they will be able to understand Krsna because they will have heard from Krsna's pure devotee, Shrila Prabhu­pada. Even hearing a little bit about Krsna can change their lives. Everyone who hears about Krsna or chants Krsna's name takes the first step on the path of gradually becoming Krsna conscious. During marathon times we should fix our minds on just dis­tributing the mercy. The first week of a marathon is usually 3 lirrle difficult. The spirit has not yet fullv picked up; many devotees are coming out on sankirtana foi tlu first time or for the only time all year. The second week picks up sub­stantially, and by the third week things are flying, as every­one gets into the spirit of sankirtana. This period — the week before Christmas — is the most auspicious time of the year to distribute books. While everyone is in a time warp, foolishly spending their money on material sense gratification, we slip in. We grab the hearts of the conditioned souls and give them the greatest investment they could ever make. We give spiri­tual life, an investment that can satisfy all their deep desires.


That is why we go out like madmen to distribute these books by the hundreds, thousands, and millions! What else is there to do in December? December is the time to distribute the mercy! Shut down the temples! No more problems! That is what marathon is all about. We get the mercy by distrib­uting the mercy. It is the means to become truly satisfied. Devotees know well the art of becoming satisfied. They know-that satisfaction in the material world is impossible and real satisfaction is possible only through full surrender to the Supreme Lord. Therefore, we should enthusiastically flood the world with Krsna conscious books and spread this book distribution mission far and wide.