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Traveling Sankirtana


Both city sankirtana and traveling sankirtana are good, and both expand the preaching. City sankirtana is usually done where many sankirtana spots are accessible by public trans­portation. But sometimes the temple is not in the city and one has to travel. To spread the mercy of Shrila Prabhupada's   books not only in the crowded cities but also throughout the countryside, one gets in vans and travels from town to town, village to village. Traveling sankirtana not only distributes the mercy widely, it also increases the distribution results. The only problem with traveling sankirtana is that one must main­tain vans and rent hotel moms whirh is costly. Therefore it may not always be possible to have traveling parties. But it it can be arranged, it is a wonderful way to spread the mercy far and wide.


The sankirtana devotees usually prefer traveling sankirtana, because it is easy to become entangled in different aspects of temple life, such as overly long temple programs that run on until nine o'clock or later. Thus the sankirtana devotees have a hard time getting out the door before ten o'clock. But when they are traveling they finish their morning program early, and they get out on the street at the same time as the local people do.Although traveling sankirtana is good, the temple president should make sure that the sankirtana devotees don't become estranged from the temple. Sometimes a traveling party devel­ops a separatist attitude and travels throughout the country independent of any temple Therefore the temple president and sankirtana leader should be on guard against that.