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The Sankirtana Leader


The primary duty of the sankirtana leader is to organize the sankirtana. Properly organized devotees will not waste time having two sankirtana groups in the same place at once and will not burn places out by going to the same place too often. This is especially relevant on traveling sankirtana and may not be so important in the city. The sankirtana leader cares for the devotees' physical needs.They must be properly dressed, and they should eat ample and healthy prasadam  that time   When the devotees are properly prepared, he gives them enough books, tells them what to say and what not to say, and sends them to areas of the city or country where their abilities will be maximized. He makes sure the vehicles are properly taken care of—every car is kept clean, serviced regularly, and has working lights and sufficient rubber tread on the tires. And he keeps count of the money, so that the books can be paid for. A good sankirtana leader invests time and energy in train­ing new devotees. He tries his best to inspire them first to improve the quality of their distribution and then uraduallv their quantity. It is important that beginners get his personal association or the association of another advanced and older distributor Thev should distribute right next to him and learn his techniques; although slightly artificial, it is better than doing only a few books a day. They will gradually improve and soon develop their own techniques. One should watch them and correct their mistakes. For example, if you see someone always looking down while distributing, you build up his self-confidence and tell him to look people in the face. But if someone does not improve after a month or so, you may understand that he cannot be helped and you can let him distribute what he can on his own. You practically have to be a psychiatrist in Kali-yuga.Above all, the sankirtana leader should be surrendered to the order of his spiritual master and cooperate with the tem­ple president. And then he will be a potent force in the sankirtana mission.