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The Bhakta Program


Generally no one should go out on sankirtana immediately after joining. Those who join the temple must undergo a period of purification and training in devotional life. When they are qualified as devotees and trained in the spiritual principles, then the tample president should consider sending them them out on the sankirtana party. The temple president should see that new devotees receive regular training in all areas of devotional life. The bhakta program must train the devotees to follow the temple programs, to chant and hear, to study the ba­sic philosophy, and to keep the temple clean, and, above all, to understand that the main mission of ISKCON is to preach Krsna consciousness by printing and distributing Shrila Prabhupada's books. If the bhaktas are continually pointed in that direction , they will lern the goals of the movement and the mission of Shrila Prabhupada. This should be preached in the temple classes, in special bhakta classes, and in in­dividual instruction If the traveling nreachers occasionally preach about the importance of book distribution, all the temple devotees will gradually learn to take up the mission themselves.


When new devotees first go out, they should distribute magazines and small books around the harinama party. We should not send untrained people out, because they will make mistakes. But let us say someone joins December 1st. What is he going to do? He should assist a big distributor. That is better than going on his own, because if he gets a bad taste on sankirtana, later on he will have trouble learning. It is better to learn the bliss without having to struggle.