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Sankirtana from the Temple


 The secret to successful management is to organize the temple around preaching. Shrila Prabhupada stated in the early 1970's that preaching is the essence, and this is as relevant now as it was then. Without preaching there can be no ecstasy in spiri­tual life. Thus every temple president should organize the dis­tribution of Shrila Prabhupada's books far and wide Although he may have a sankirtana leader, the president should be the super sankirtana leader and inspire all the devotees to dis­tribute more and more. If the temple president is intelligent, he arranges the temple program so that the sankirtana devotees are ready to go at eight-thirty or nine o'clock. That is possible if the devotees get to rest early and chant all their rounds in the morning. But one may have to accept that the sankirtana devotees leave the temple later and perhaps return later. Then, instead of going to the evening temple program, thev can read and take rest. It is best to restrict the Bhagavatam class to one hour from the start of Jaya Rddhd-Mddhava to give all the devo­tees the best start on their morning activities. Similarly, the Ljitd class should end by rune o'clock in the evening to allow everyone to take rest early. The temple president should hum­bly request the speakers to keep within these time limits, even visiting sannyasls or spiritual masters. Otherwise the san­kirtana mission will be disturbed.


The temple managers should engage sankirtana devotees in sankirtana only. The book distributors should not be dis­tracted by other activities. They should simply go out and distribute books, free of worries or fears about anything else. But if the sankirtana devotees are asked to do some service in the temple, they should just do it quickly and then go out. Those supporting the sankirtana mission also go out on san­kirtana, so sankirtana devotees also have to engage in support activities sometimes. They should not waste time arguing. They are generally asked to help because there are not enough devotees in the temple to do the basic things required .For example, someone has to cook, even when everybody is going on sankirtana. If everyone says, "I only go on sankirtana, and I do nothing else," nobody will eat. Therefore some of the sankirtana men may have to run in the kitchen and cook. Then, when everybody has eaten, they can all go out. The perfection of management is to get all the devotees, including the temple devotees, out the door. For the temple devotees, we have instituted the once-a-week marathon. Everyone, including the temple president,goes out the dorr  and distributes Krsna consciousness, in tnat way, along with the Sunday Feast and the December Mara­thon, the temple is more of a preaching temple. Everyone should be attached to and feel the pressure of the preaching mission. That is very important. Therefore we should go on with once-a-week sankirtana and the Prabhupada Marathon and go out as much as possible. An even better program is everyone goes out one Week a month, because that is seven days a month instead of four.