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One  should  perform  sankirtana  without  fruitive  desires. Sometimes the temple authorities think that by giving the devotees quotas, it will increase or maintain their level of dis­tribution. But all results are up to Krsna, and despite having a big quota, they will not be able to fulfill it without Krsna's sanction. Therefore quotas are often counterproductive. They make the devotees fruitive. Devotees think they have to per-form in a certaineir devotional service to be acceptable. 1 have heard statements like "Don't return to the temple if you don't do five hundred books this week." That is not Krsna conscious. One should distribute as much as he can and depend on Krsna for the results. This is also a quota—to  do as much as you can—but it is a natural quota that doesn't create any pain in the heart of the distributor or disappoint him at not reaching the goal. One should not think, "I must do so many books this week, otherwise I'm a failure." One should simply think, "I'm Krsna's eternal servant. In this life­time my service is distributing as many of these wonderful books as I can. Let me fully depend on the Lord's mercy and pray to the lotus feet of my spiritual master that I can become completely attached to fulfilling his mission to distribute books." Then he will gradually increase his distribution natu­rally and become happy automatically.