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Homogeneous Preaching


Devotee: Someone may accept that books are the basis but not that by just distributing books all the other services will develop automatically. After all, someone has to engage in the other services.

Harikes'a Swami: Yes, someone has to do the other services,and we encourage all preaching. Still, if you distribute books,the facilities for all these other departments will come automatically. You just go on distributing, as soon as you see an opportunity develop, jump on it, and use it to engage some one in preaching Krsna consciousness more. In this way the whole movement grows. We don't say "just distribute books" and suddenly the other departments spring out of nothing We are not so foolish. But we do say that by your distribution efforts, all the facilities will gradually come. Devotee: Sometimes it's said that book distribution is a com­plete program in itself and doesn't need anything else.


 Harikesa Swami: That's a fact. It's perfectly complete in itself.


Devotee; wouldn’t  we be satisfied by just distributing books and not having any temples?


Harikesa Swami: If there were no temples, you wouldn't be Hict-riKiiHr\n Hooks ^°r lono Vvhen vou distribute books ^^^ pie want to join, and temples give them a place to join. Temples are for the devotees who cannot distribute books, especially householders and their families. Besides, they want to maintain temples. Shrila Prabhupada personally started the restaurant program for householders. All kinds of programs are needed in ISKCON. We don't say, "Just distribute books and forget everything else." But distributing books is the main program. As long as book distribution is going on, the other programs are safe and secure. They expand the book distri­bution even more. Every time someone opens a restaurant or a preaching center, more people are attracted who will also go out and distribute books. It is all working together as one homogeneous preaching program.