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Fresh Blood


No matter how well we do, the same devotees going out year after year become old. Of course, old sankirtana devotees never die, they just go on distributing, but due to the age factor they may do a little less or a different kind of book distribution. Therefore to keep the sankirtana movement increasing we must always be on the alert to make new devotees. When new devotees are in the sankirtana parties, their enthusiasm will inspire all the devotees. But how do new devotees come to the temple? They come through preaching programs. Therefore many preaching programs should be arranged. One or two expert preachers can go around and attract pt visitthetemple.Thewhole purposeof preaching programs is to make new devotees. And when those new devotees are around, we should gradually bring them out on sankirtana. When the sankirtana party increases, we can have really successful sankirtana.Therefore the sankirtana devotees have to cooperate with the preachers. If you meet somebody who looks nice ó I don't mean an old housewife with a bag of groceries, I mean a seventeen- to twenty-five-year-old person who is not entan≠gled yet with family, house, job, and all of thatóget that personís addres and make suer the preachers contact him or her. The sankirtana devotees have to cooperate and collect addresses even though it takes five minutes out of their dis-i"fjpiit"ion i*> worrn it- ii"s trip lonf nin ( 'tip hoc t<~\ spp pvpt"y person as a potential devotee and gradually develop the base of devotees, so that more and more sankirtana can go on. This is essential, and everyone should be praying all the time to the Lord to increase the number of devotees.


Desire is the main factor in increasing book distribution. The more one desires it, the more one prays to Krsna for help to accomplish it. And Krsna reciprocates by sending qualified devotees. If these new devotee candidates are properly trained in the process of book distribution and are nicely performing this service, Krsna will see that we are serious to increase the preaching, and He will send more sankirtana men and women to expand the book distribution even more. Krsna is the per≠fect reciprocator. He showers unlimited help and facilities upon us when He sees that we are using His gifts in a proper way.