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Shrila Prabhupada's Economic Scheme

Shrila Prabhupada wanted book distribution to maintain this movement. Other businesses are not Prabhupada's scheme. I heard him say many times how he wanted it done: First the BBT prints the books and charges you one hundred percent more than the production cost. Then you distribute the books for one hundred percent more than the BBT price. You main­tain your temple on fifty percent of your income and fifty percent goes to the BBT. Then the BBT uses fifty percent of its income to print more books, so that every book that goes out is replaced. Thus you can distribute unlimited books and the B B T will just keep printing . if follwed this principle makes economic problems disappear, and following it is easy. First make book distribution the sole economic scheme.Grhasthas living outside can devise other srnempc if i-np" wi^n hut the temple devotees should make money only from book dis­tribution. If book distribution is the sole means of income, and they sell the books for the right price, twice the BBT price, then they can use half the money for books and half for the temple. The price might be adjusted by the local GBC if the books must go out as fast as possible or the people haven't got enough money to pay for them, but the temple will have some economic troubles because of this and will have to ad­just. If a temple manages to live on the basis of book distri­bution by the fifty-fifty principle, however, then more and more devotees can be persuaded to sell more and more books because nobody needs to do anything else to bring in money. "n BBT will become bigger and bigger, the projects in India will come closer and closer to completion, and Lord Chaitanya, Bhaktivinoda Thakura, and Shrila Prabhupada will all be verv pleased because Prabhupada wanted the projects like Maya-pur to be built through book distribution, tie said that if we kept doubling book distribution every year, we would have enough funds to build a big temple in Mayapur.