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Distribution Zones


A regional management organization, of which all the dif­ferent temple presidents are members, should come together and discuss issues such as distribution zones. It is not good for our reputation or for the spreading of Krsna conscious­ness if devotees come into another temple's zone and neglect cultivating people properly. Local devotees become disturbed if distributors from other temples come into their zone and burn the place out. Therefore the regional body should make a resolution that nobody can go into another temple's zone without the permission of that zone's temple president. This is Shrila Prabhupada's principle, and he even said that they should give that temple a percentage of their collection. An­other alternative is to make sure all the sankirtana devotees cultivate the people equally within their region by centralized management. That is the system we use in Germany. The san­klrtana devotees distribute wherever they like, and they feel . like they have to cultivate all the people in the whole country.