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Creating a Sankirtana Atmosphere


I see my role in the book distribution mission as making sure that all the activities of the Krsna consciousness movement in all the temples are directed toward getting out as many books as possible and making sure that all the devotees understand that this is the main goal: we have to bring more and more people to Krsna consciousness by giving them Prabhupada's books. To do this we have to create an atmosphere in which book distribution is seen as very, very important work. Actually, from the material point of view, nobody wants to go out and sell books. It is strenuous. It is difficult meeting adverse conditions and people. This is an important consider­ation. Unless one is Krsna conscious, he will want to do things according to his material inclinations more than anything else. Therefore inspiring the devotees to go out is not easy if the atmosphere in the temples is unfavorable to book distribu­tion. If all the devotees are busily engaged according to their propensities, a potential book distributor might think, "Why should I struggle to distribute books?" Therefore one has ro create an atmosphere in which everyone can understand with his transcendental intelligence that book distribution is the most important activity, that it is going to bring the supreme results and please Shrila Prabhupada and take us all back to Godhead. It is the primary purpose of the Krsna conscious­ness movement, and Prabhupada said that enough times so that everyone can understand it.


Yet it is important to preach in such a way that devotees who don't distribute books can feel they are connected to book distribution. Our managers have to help everybody un­derstand this. Foi example, the pujarl department worships the Deity and assures us of the Lord's mercy, and we aspire to please the Deities and want to distribute the books for Their satisfaction. Iheretore at the end of the week we read our book scores to Them. And the cooks prepare prasddam to give everybody strength and enthusiasm. Especially in December practically all of us simply engage in book distribution just to make sure we keep up the spirit of understanding what the topmost part of preaching is.