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Congregational Preaching


The purpose of sending devotees to open small temples is to attract new devotees, train them, and engage them in book distribution. That is the way Krsna consciousness spreads everywhere. But sometimes a small preaching center does not have enough devotees to go out on sankirtana. Let us say there are only three devotees in the tample.They should go out chanting and attract new people and cultivate these people and make them into devotees. When there are six or seven devotees in the temple, then they can start distributing books. A small temple is not an excuse to avoid sankirtana. One can distribute books to the temple congregation and encour­age them to distribute. Give them thirty, forty, or one hundred books. Although they distribute more slowly, it is a wonder­ful way to increase book distribution. One can also distrib­ute books through temple shops, mail order departments, and ISCKON membership programs. Programs that include benfits such as sets ot Prabhupada's books are good sources of book distribution as well as income. Our Life Membership program has been popular amongst rbe Indians throughout-the world, and it is a good way to get Shrila Prabhupada's books into their homes. As ISKCON expands its congregational preaching programs, memberships will be a good way to bring sets of books into the homes of the congregational members.