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Book Distribution and Mayapur

Devotee: How much is the BBT involved in the Mayapur Project?


Harikesa Swami: The BBT doesn't manage anything in Maya­pur anymore. A percentage of the BBT turnover, which right now is around twenty-five percent, is sent to the Mayapur Project Development Fund. All of this money is spent on the Mayapur Project, which includes the temple construction, the master plan development, and the buildings essential for the further development of Mayapur.

Devotee: Should the devotees meditate on this project, or should they simply concentrate on book distribution?


Harikesa Swami: They should concentrate on book distribu­tion with their hearts and souls, but they should also under­stand that one quarter of the value of every book distributed goes directly to the Mayapur Project. Shrila Prabhupada said, "First comes Vrndavana, then Bombay, and then Mayapur." Hp wanted us to fulfill this mission of the dcar^'as He said that it we develop Mayapur, Bhaktivinoda Thakura will come from the spiritual world and carry us back home to Godhead. Shrila Prabhupada considered the Mavapur Project so important that, in March 1977, just before he left the planet, he wanted us to start building the temple immediately, although we had no plan.

Devotee: How can we increase book distribution around the world?


Harikesa Swami: I see it as a question of consciousness and support from the higher members of ISKCON. The most in­fluential people in each zone, like the GBC men, should dedicate their lives to preaching about book distribution and the Mayapur Project. In this way they can inspire the devo­tees to expand their book distribution. The spiritual masters in ISKCON are presently an untapped source of inspiration. All the spiritual masters in ISKCON, whether they are GBC men, sannydsls, cemple presidents, or just preachers, should give to their disciples Shrila Prabhupada's mission to produce books in all the languages of the world and distribute the books profusely throughout the world. The BBT could in­crease its remittances to Mayapur, and we could build Maya­pur City more quickly, because the greatest problem we face is the lack of funds.


Shrila Prabhupada wanted the Mayapur Temple to be fi­nanced by book distribution, and he said that we could do it by doubling every year. If the BBT were running at the normal pace right now without doubling, we could build it in fifteen vears. If we doubled, we could do it in eight years. And if we doubled again, we could do it in tour years. If we all saw the economic benefits, we could keep on increasing the book dis­tribution, and benefit the BBT at the same time. The main thing is the preaching work that should be done  by the GBC men, the gurus to their disciples, the siks gurusto their followers, the sannyasls to those the yinfluence, thetemple presidents to the people intheir temples,the sankirtana leaders to the sankirtana devotees.Everyone should been couraged to dedicate his life to the book distribution mission SO rhat Shrila Prabhu pada wanted accomplished in our lifetime.


We can get the credit. Krsna says in the Bhagavad-glta to Ariuna. ma^aivaite nihatdh tiurvam eva nimitta-mdtrarh hha-va savya-sacin: "This battle is already won. All the men are already dead. All you have to do is become an instrument in this fight, and if you are My instrument, you will accom­plish the required goals." He called him savya-sacin, expert at shooting arrows. Krsna appointed Arjuna, who had the propensity to accomplish His mission, and told him, "It's already accomplished. Just become the instrument of My will and become a success." Similarly, Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and all the dcdryas, including Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura and especially Shrila Prabhupada, have given us this project to develop and have desired that book distribution around the world keep doubling. Thus it is already accomplished. We just have to do it and take the credit.