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The Basis of Compassion


Devotee: What is the basis of compassion?

Harikesa Swami: When you know who you are, who Krsna is, and who the other living entities are, you will see them as member of ‘s spiritual family. With such transcendental knowledge, you don't just see materialists running here and there; you see fallen conditioned souls, unable to understand themselves or Krsna because rhev are struggling hard with the six senses, which include the mind. Therefore, you compas­sionately say to them, "Stop running around and take a look at what I have for you. Read this book, chant Hare Krsna, take some prasddam, and be happy!"


Knowledge of Krsna will make you compassionate. This knowledge is the key that will open the door to transcenden­tal liberation, and you can get the key from a saintly devo­tee of the Lord. If you want to be compassionate, you must associate with someone who is already compassionate. Shrila Prabhupada was so compassionate that in his old age, when anyone else would retire, he came to America, determined to bring Krsna consciousness to all the conditioned souls. Be­cause Prabhupada was so compassionate, we can become com­passionate by associating with him. Compassion is learned from one who has learned to be compassionate from one who has learned to be compassionate. Our disciplic succession is filled with compassion.