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Devotee: Sometimes devotees are afraid to go on sankirtana. Evean experienced sankirtan  devotees are sometimes afraid to go out. Where does this fear come from?

Harikesa Swami: Fear comes from maya. Maya sees that you are going to go out with Shrila Prabhupada's books and destroy her influence. Therefore she subtly attacks you and creates fear to stop you.

Devotee: What if one lacks the patience to struggle on san­klrtana and thinks it's better to stay in the temple where it's peaceful?


Harikes'a Swami: You mav think that you will avoid problems by staying in the temple, but Kim1c. arranges for problems to arise in the temple, so that you will realize that it is better to go on sankirtana. You will realize that although there are prob­lems on the street, by distributing ishrila i'rabhupada s books, . the greatest welfare activity for all the people of this world, you are getting purified faster.

Devotee: But on the altar the mind seems calmer than on sankirtana.


Harikesa Swami: On the altar your mind might be calm to begin with, but once you have gotten used to it, the mind starts saying, "Hey, why don't you do something else? You are meant for bigger things than waving this incense." The mind is an expert rascal.

Devotee: Doesn't mdya attack one more out on the street? Harikesa Swami: No. I have seen that mdya attacks equally everywhere, but it is good to know that on the street Krsna offers you more protection.


Devotee: If a devotee says, "I don't like to go out because I have only bad experiences on sankirtana" what should we do.' Harikesa Swami: If someone says that he doesn't like san­klrtana because he has only bad experiences, then mdya. has already succeeded in capturing him. You should preach to him, saying, "No matter what you do in this world, you will have bad experiences because of your karma. Bad experiences on sankirtana are also because of your karma and not because of sankirtana. Sankirtana will bring you blissful experiences. Sometimes it seems bad, but when you see 'good' and 'bad' in your service, whatever your service may be, you are still on the matenai platkutn. \ou have uj udiiav_eiid the u..i.eiiat plat form and come to the spiritual platform, because on the spiri­tual platform, one sees the sankirtana mission, in whatever form, as wonderful."

Devotee: Why does it seem so difficult in recent years to get new devotees for book distribution?


Harikesa Swami: It is difficult because people are degrading. Most people are sudras who think that anyone can distribute books. However, it has been proven throughout the years that onlv the highest class of men can distribute books. Although .sankirtana devotees may not be the most technically advanced or the greatest scholars, they know much more philosophy, and temple devotees may get involved in a scandal, but book distributors are rarely touched by scandals because they are always preaching.

Devotee: Some people avoid sankirtana by saying that every­thing is sankirtana.


Harikesa Swami: Shrila Prabhupada didn't say that everything is sankirtana. He is not a Mayavadi. He made a distinction between two forms of service: sankirtana and sankirtana sup­port. For example, those who feed the sankirtana devotees are supporting, and although they are a part of the sankirtana mission, they are not doing the same service as the front line preachers. Although everyone is appreciated, we make dis­tinctions: the front-line warriors risking their lives in battle get medals, and behmd-the-line supporters get a pat on the back.