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Krsna Helps in Many Ways


Devotee: On the weekend we had a sankirtana meeting. Dif­ferent devotees spoke on the theme, "I am not the doer; every­thing is dependent on Krsna." One devotee made the point that in the material world, the Supersoul is controlling every­thing, including the sankirtana devotee on the street, who mainly deals with the Supersoul. But a devotee is not only dealing with the Supersoul. If we approach the Bhagavan feature of the Lord, then He will per­sonally reciprocate, ye yatha mam prapadyante. Shrila Prabhu-pada also explains in the preface of Shri Chaitanya-caritdmrta, "The Lord, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is already in charge of the maintenance of this creation by virtue of His plenary expansion, KsIrodakas'avT Visnu, but this mainte­nance is not direct. However, when the Lord says that He takes charge of His pure devotee, He actually takes direct charge." Another devotee explained to me that Shrila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura's commentary on Bhagavad-gltd 9.29 says that the first two lines relate to the Supersoul and the last two lines to Krsna personally. Someone else said that the devotee doesn't carry the Supersoul in his heart, but Lord Chaitanya Himself. So how far can we say that Krsna personally takes rL--T?


Harikesa Swami: i think that all the comments made m your text are correct. The Supersoul is helping the devotee distrib­ute books by telling the people to take them, Lord Chaitanya is giving His mercy so that the people can take the books, and Krsna is directly inspiring the devotee to distribute. All these forms of the Lord help the devotee in the sankirtana mission.