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Fruitive Desire


Devotee: Is the desire to increase book distribution scores for the pleasure ot the spiritual master a truitive desire: Harikes'a Swami: The desire to satisfy the spiritual master and Krsna is a good desire, and to want to do it by distributing more books is also a good desire. You should always think, "I want to do more for their satisfaction," but never be satisfied with the result. They are always asking you to do more. Shrila Prabhupada didn't say, "Just go out and do whatever you can." He said, "Go out and double it." This desire to double it is not fruitive, because it is a desire to please and satisfy the spiritual master and Krsna. But if you want to do more so that you can come back and boast about how many books you have given out, then that desire is fruitive, because you are trying to be the enjoyer of the activity. You should pray to Krsna to allow you to distribute many books for the satisfaction of your spiri­tual master. Then whatever you do will be Krsna conscious. Although you may be a little frustrated that you cannot do more, you are pleasing the spiritual master and Krsna with your steady service, and you will get the mercy. It is not that the mercy only comes to one who does a thousand books a week. The mercy comes to everyone, whether one does a thousand books a week or a thousand books a month. Devotee: Can one safely say that unless one is free from frui­tive desires, one cannot do large amounts of books' Some­times somebody comes and does huge amounts of books and then suddenly goes away.


Harikesa Swami: One can do anything for a short time based on material energy, even distribute many books. But to con­tinue having good results day in and day out for many years, one must be free from fruitive desire. A fruitive actor could not possibly maintain the service. Still a fruitive and attached person who does a lot in a short period will get some mercy. His wonderful service will be remembered in the future. In this lifetime or the next, he will get a good chance again and go back to Godhead.

Devotee: Does one meet a lot of demons because one is furtive?

Harikesa Swarm: it could just mean that there are a lot ot demons in the world.

Devotee: But on some davs. when one is somehow attached and is not in such a good state of consciousness, one meets nasty people. Harikesa Swami: That's good, because if you met nice peo­ple in bad consciousness, you probably would waste the op­portunity to give them a book or burn them out. Therefore, whenever you are in nasty consciousness, Krsna sends you nasty people.

Devotee: In one lecture in Russia you said, "If you do a hun­dred books, then it's a hundred books. Whether you do it with good consciousness or not doesn't make any difference." Could you please elaborate on that?


Harikes'a Swami: On book distribution your consciousness is not the point. The point is that it is your service to get the books into the hands of the conditioned souls. Whether you feel good or bad about it is not the issue. To give out ten books and feel good is no big deal. Who cares whether you reel good or not? You are a preacher and a soldier. The soldiers on the battlefield may feel like hell, but that doesn't matter. The point is to go out and kill. The sergeant doesn't ask, "How do you feel today?" No, he says, "OK men, grab your guns. Let's go." Similarly, the warriors on book distribution go out to distribute books, not to feel wonderful. However, if they keep going out, they naturally will feel blissful.