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We Have No Other Mood

Toward the end of Shrila Prabhupada's manifested pastimes on the planet, I brought him an offering of books that was significant then, but nowadays we would not even consider u a months production, im» mm. puc uc uuoks included a Yugoslavian Isopanisad produced in a super mahd marathon. A theosophist in Yugoslavia,who was not a devotee nor very intelligent, had made a good translation, so we had it typeset in Frankfurt by a nice lady named Becker. This lady made a marathon because I told her that Shrila Prabhupada's condition was bad; we didn't know how long he would live, so I wanted to offer him as many books as I could to inspire him to go on living. Somehow she understood and dedicated all her time to typesetting this Isopanisad for Shrila Prabhupada.blie pin aside jobs aiiu finished .en. book en a couple  of days. She was a super pro. Books were not typeset then by com­puterized typesetting machines. They were done by hand on special composing typewriters that made ink-on-paper copies. When we got a stack of these paper copies from her, I worked the whole night laying out the book. By the time I had finished I could hardly see the pages. Yet the next morning a Yugoslavian boy and 1 went to the typesetting shop, where we all worked together in one room; he proofread, she composed, and I made the corrections.


Three days prior to this 1 had been to our printers, Mohn-druck. I also had explained to them about Shrila Prabhupada's - )ndition which mpnnt n lot f-n them  were big customers. 1 said that 1 wanted to produce this book for him but they only had one day to do it. They would get the original draft of the book by five-thirty in the afternoon, but we needed the book back in our hands by seven o'clock the next morning, completely printed. This job normally takes two or three weeks. One must make transparencies, do opaquing or scratching, check it, and make a montage before it can be printed; and one must print the cover and the pages before it is bound. They were scratching their heads because no one in history had ever asked them to do something like this before, but they mobilized their entire company and just did it—the most purifying thing they had ever done in their lives. The printers were in Bielefeld, but we were producing the original flats for the books in Frankfurt, an almost four-hour's drive away. We had a running car waiting outside with a devo­tee in it who loved to drive like a madman. We told him, "This time it's authorized and bona fide to drive as fast as you want," gave him the flats, and he drove off like a madman. The printers, who had been working all night, gave the printed and bound book to our driver, who drove back like a madman, and I had the book in my hand by the time I got on the plane for India.


Meanwhile, another marathon was going on at another printer down south in Ulm. They were printing, in German, three Krsna books and the Second Canto in two volumes. But they couldn't cut and put together the covers in time.So with a cutter in my office at Schloss Rettershof, we cut and put on the covers ourselves. Then I flew off to India. When I gave the books to Shrila  Prabhupada, the mood in the room changed. He focused his attention entirely on the books. He was very appreciative and looked at them for a long time. When he saw the Yugoslavian Isopanisad, his first question was, "Can you distribute this book?" Knowing well there was no way to distribute it, for tnc lugosiavian prcacnmg program at tnat time ccnsiSLC^i ui myself and one assistant, I said, "Certainly, Shrila Prabhupada, we will distribute these books," and he replied, "Good. As soon as you can distribute some books, you should reprint them."If you truly love someone, you are only interested in what he wants. Therefore, to please Shrila Prabhupada, we con¬stantly push to produce and distribute books. Everything else is just decoration, icing on the cake—but book production and distribution is the cake. This is how we feel. We don't mind if people disagree, but we have no other mood.