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Wake Up! Make Books!

Although we are concerned with everything, we are mainly concerned with printing and distributing books. Shrila Prabhu­pada's books are more important than anything else because producing and distributing these books is the primary way to worship Krsna in the Age of Kali. We also like to worship the Deity and would never give that up, but if you compare the time we spend worshiping the Deity with the time we spend making books, you can understand the difference. A few of us go anywhere else. 1 admit that 1 am a fanatic about making these books. There is no question about it. What can I do? Somebodv has to be a fanatic


No temple in the world is as happy as that temple where everybody is running around making books. Where book production is going on, there is all success; but where no book production or distribution is going on, there is no success. Therefore, in every one of our temples, we either print or distribute books; and where we do both, the ecstasy is doubled. We love BBT fanatics. Others we love too, but those in the BBT who are not fanatics are traitors. It is blasphemy. Either you are a fanatic or you don't count. That is a radical point of view, but somehow Shrila Prabhupada instilled this madness in us; we cannot get rid of it, and we wouldn't even think of trying. He instilled complete, transcendental insanity with­in this unfortunate sou! U1v/fake books! Make books! Make books!" rings in my head all day and night, and "Print books! Print books! Print books!" bounces off the walls of my skull. If we can produce more fanatics with this instruction constantly ringing in their heads, we will be very happy. We will haunt you. We will stand on your shoulder and scream in your ear: "Wake up! Make books!"


I am not going to be happy until every one of Shrila Prabhu­pada's books is available in every language of the world. Do you realize what this adds up to? If at the end of this lifetime we have filled ten rooms as big as this one* with different volumes of Prabhupada's books, our birth will not have been in vain. BBT devotees should meditate day and night on how to achieve this goal. Nothing else is as important, because  achieving this expands every other aspect of the Krsna con­sciousness movement automatically.