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Shrila Prabhupada's Request

We want to do everything according to Shrila Prabhupada's plan. He said, "I have given you the framework of this Krsna consciousness movement. Now it is up to you to expand it by filling in the structure." Therefore we like to fill in the framt work with walls of books. Floors are not made out of books, for we don't walk on them. But walls of books are very nice, and we till up the rooms with books too. Shrila Prabhupada told me in India, "I have many bank accounts. Empty them all out and just print books! Then fill up the temples with these books and bring the devotees together and tell them, 'There is no more place to sleep. Now you must distribute a pile of books as big as you need for sleeping before you can take rest tonight.' And while they are out doing that, fill in the pile with more books for the next day." He was serious. He wanted it done right then on the spot. He told me, "This man in charge of India is a miser. He is not giving out the books. Therefore I give you all my money. Just print and distribute books."


To this day we are using all of Shrila Prabhupada's laksml in the same way. Nothing else is more important than producing books, regardless ot what someone might say. So many times Shrila Prabhupada said what was important. Someone who did not associate very much with Shrila Prabhupada or surrender very much may not understand Prabhupada's deep desires, but we can tell you for certain that we know what he wants it all begins with books, is sustained with books, and culminates with books. He wants the people to take his books, read them, and go back home, back to Godhead.