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Print Books and Everything Will Be a Success


I say like a madman, "The basis of everything is producing books," because the rasa of producing books like mad makes you totally insane. You don't do anything anymore the way normal people do. You become crazy. If you don't run around screaming, "Make books!" all day long, you are in may a to one degree or another. Unless you make so many books that the machines blow up from overuse, you are not doing anything. Everything good happens when you produce Shrila Prabhu­pada's books. It is mystical. I have seen in Germany that when we are producing books like madmen, the whole place be­comes like Vaikuntha. Everything starts developing: people start joining, money comes pouring in, the demons leave us alone. But as soon as maya manages to trip us up, and book production stops, everything bad happens: the demons be­come big, we have money problems, nobody joins, people run away. Therefore I have concluded that the secret to success in all things is to make books. If you want to have a successful gurukula or farm, you just make books. And the way to cause disaster is to stop making books.


Shrila Prabhupada's program was to just print books and not worry about how they are going to be distributed. As the devo¬tees see all the wonderful books come pouring out, they realize that they have to distribute them. You don't even have to give fired-up sankirtana lectures — it happens automatically. As soon as you start making these bookslike lete madmen, Krsna makes everything happen. When I read how Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta SarasvatI Thakura dealt with Shrila Prabhupada in the first volume of the Shrila Prabhupada-lllamrta, I can see that Shrila Prabhupada dealt with me similarly, although at the time I didn't understand these dealings. Shrila Prabhupada said to me many times, "You just preach to scholars, religionists, and philosophers. They will benefit, you will benefit, and all of mankind will be benefited. You just go out and preach, and if  you ever get any mony print books again and again he would say, ''How my  spiritual master was so satisfied just to see books printed!" He would always tell me about making books. He would say,"Your responsibility is to make every one of mybooks in evervlanguage on this planet."

Therefore I can understand that the production of this transcendental literature is the primary mission, the vanguard of our movement. Everything else follows in a chain reaction automatically. ISKCON is like a big rocket, of which book production is the nose cone and book distribution the fuel stage.