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Pile Up the Books

We don't mind that devotees are engaged in many ways; but if nobody is preaching, we become very disturbed. There­fore   W e always want to be engaged in the only way that we can preach nicely to people—the book distribution mission. Radio preaching is also nice, but what will we say apart from what is in the books? And when people become a little favorable, what is the first thing we do? We give them a set of books! Thus the real potency comes from Shrila Prabhu­pada's books, and all other things are the servants of his books. Prabhupada emphasized this in so many ways. Maybe I didn't learn very much from him, but I learned this. He drilled it into my head, and it will never go out!


Many personalities do many diic, consciousness movement. Shrila Prabhupada appreciated even the smallest service — those who cooked nicely, washed the floor nicely, or whatever the service might be—as long as it was carried out with enthusiasm. But I like to do nothing more than pile up books on his desk, because that is what he said I should do. I would write many letters to Shrila Prabhupada, describing my plans to preach in different ways, but Prabhu­pada simply answered, "I don't care to hear about all these things. I will simply be satisfied to see the books piling up on my ucsk. Every year we go to Mayapur with a stack of books, and we sneak into Prabhupada's room and pile the books on his desk . Every year we go to mayapur with a stack of  books, and we sneak in to prabhu pada’s room and pile the books on his desk without even arranging them nicely because  that is what he  wants. I enjoy that moment very much, because to produce and distribute Shrila Prabhupada's books in places where it is strictly forbidden, in corners of the world that we cannot even write about in the sankirtana newsletter, is so much work, and there seems to be very little appreciation. But when we pile those books on his desk, it makes it all worthwhile.