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How Shrila Prabhupada Appears


Shrila Prabhupada's disappearance day used to be a horrible affair for me because I had always been dependent on his personal presence for shelter. Once I was lamenting to him because I wanted to have a more loving relationship with my superior Godbrothers, and he told me, "They will never ap­preciate, no matter what you do, but I have recognized and Krsna has recognized; isn't that enough?" I realized then how my relationship with Shrila Prabhupada is a personal one; but when he left, where was that relationship?


I have been understanding more and more that the only relationship I have with Shrila Prabhupada is through his books. And because his books are his glory, I want to print and distribute these books all over the world. He may have disappeared from this planet personally, but he appears con­stantly in new languages and different cultures. Shrila Prabhu­pada will live forever in his books. He is his books, and his purports are his transcendental ecstasies. They can change the life of a fallen soul who has had no contact with Prabhu­pada and is somewhere far away. Therefore on Shrila Prabhu­pada's disappearance day, I wanted to glorify him by showing how he appears. Although manv ways to glorify Shrila Prabhupada are being presented wonderfully on this occasion, 1 would like to present and explain a little bit about these newly produced books—not only for Shrila Prabhupada's pleasure, but also to emphasize the importance of this glorious activity. Prabhu-. pada always liked to show off to people the wonderful and important message being spread throughout the world in the form of his books.


Today we are offering for Shrila Prabhupada's pleasure twenty-two books in eight different languages. The smallest book is the only book Shrila Prabhupada ever specifically asked me to make. Six years ago he asked me to make this book. Because of many difficulties it has taken a long time to complete this task, but because Prabhupada considered this translation important and because he desired it, we have been able to complete it. This book contains, in Russian, the Shri Isopanisad and three other small books from Prabhupada's lecture series. It is in a small form because it goes to a demoniac place. Nevertheless, KGB agents thought that they would get on our good siue n tney nelpeu us translate a. wt are grateful for their unwitting assistance. They even helped us smuggle the Russian Bhagavad-gltd into the country.


Everybody should take up this mission to print and distrib­ute Prabhupada's books throughout the world. This already is being done wonderfully in many places, but this world is big and we are few. If you really want to grab the mercy of Shrila Prabhupada's lotus feet, I advise you to go to a country where Krsna consciousness is not yet established, translate Shrila Prabhupada's books into the local language, distribute them, and see how many people come to Krsna. \ou can get the spark within your heart and capture the mood that Shrila Prabhupada had when he started this movement in the mid-sixties. Giving people Prabhupada's books and the holy name is the most wonderful way to glorify Shrila Prabhupada.


Shrila Prabhupada said, "You can judge the result of your preaching according to how many books ate being distributed." I remember January 1977, when Bhaktibhusana and Bhaktivaibhava Maharajas were distributing books in Poland,Shrila Prabhupada wrote, "I have heard about your preaching activities. They are very nice, but I also have heard that you are distributiig will be a success because wherever my books are distributed the preaching will be successful."