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Marathon Inspiration Letters


Mad Ecstasy Marathon Message


Now it is time for the marathon, and everyone here is going completely mad in ecstasy. It is available tor you as well, since you are born in the dynasty of marathon warriors. Please take the mission of liberating New York City firmly in your heart, and certainly the Lord will bless you. Please pray before Shri Shri Radha-Govinda to empower you to distribute a lot of books yourself and to inspire others to increase. You must encourage everyone there to make their mission the liberation of New York City. The place is a den of nonsense, and mdyd has a firm hold there. She has captured the city that belongs to Shrila Prabhupada and has taken it away. It is your responsi­bility to regain u lor ivrsna and iSKCONi. 1 have taith that you will do nicely. You have the blessings of the whole disciplic succession. Just go out and get the mercy. Just go, get it, and be happy. The only alternative is the pit of material existence. Stay  healthy and strong. Be austere and avoid nonsense useless talk. Just think, breath, talk, walk, and pray sankirtana.