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Letter of December 15, 1991


Dear sankirtana devotees of the German ;yatra,

Please accept my blessings. It is a great honor that I am able to address you all today. You are doing the highest welfare work for the people of your country. This sankirtana movement is the only hope for the people of this world. Without Krsna consciousness, there is no way that people's lives can become auspicious. Lord Chaitanya has guaranteed that this Krsna con­sciousness movement, and especially the sankirtana mission, is the- highest benediction on the suffering humanity. Just see how the people of Eastern Germany are so frus­trated with material life! They have become mad with ma­terial desires, and they are completely frustrated that they cannot enjoy their senses to their full satisfaction. This is a good thing for us in one sense, because it will create an atmosphere in which the young people will come to us out of desperation in search of peace and happiness. Therefore, we should not give up our preaching in East Germany, since the young people are just in the proper stage to accept Krsna con­sciousness. Those in distress and those in need of wealth are also candidates for surrendering to Krsna if they are pious. Of course, hardly anyone is pious in that place, otherwise what are they doing there? But we can still take advantage of the situation and take the cream of the country and turn them into dedicated sankirtana men and women if we sincerely preach and spread Krsna consciousness there. And there is no better way to preach Krsna consciousness than through the distribution of Shrila Prabhupada's transcendental books.


This mission is eternal. It is going on throughout the his­tory of the universe in some place or other at all times. The acaryas are constantly preaching this mission and the Lord is always eager that the innocent people get the opportunity to surrender to His lotus feet. Sometimes the preaching mission is more obviously successful than other times, and even some­times the preaching mission seems to disappear owing to the strong influence of the material nature, but a great acarya, like Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, appears to reestablish the preaching mission, Thei'doic, ai are ver^ L/hlhh.c to be fo! lowers of Shrila Bhaktivinoda and his descendants, like Shrila Prabhupada.


Shrila Prabhupada dedicated his whole life to writing and publishing his books. Naturally, after the publishing of a book, the next stage is to distribute that book in a large scale throughout the world. We are real followers of Shrila Prabhu­pada when we distribute his books on a large scale.


We are not fruitive. Even if we are not able to distribute as many books as last year because the people in the former I H)K are becoming westernized to some extent, still there is nothing to lament about. Our business is to distribute the books as much as we can without considering the results. We  may be doing more or less than before, but that does not matter. What matters is that we are doing as much as possible in a sincere manner. Even if we are not so sincere, if we are doing as many books as we can, Krsna will be happy, Prabhu­pada will be happv, and we will be happy too! Work without fruitive desires, since that is the means of success. You should know that there is no better way to distribute Krsna con­sciousness than through this book distribution. We want to please Prabhupada, and this is the way to do it. Whether you are selling fifty or five hundred books a day, just go out with full enthusiasm, knowing well that your service satisfies the disciplic succession. There is nothing better than this activity. There are so many things in this world that one can do at any given point in time, but of all activities, book distribution and preaching are the best. So let us go on preaching more and more with enthusiasm and become happy in the highest of all transcendental services. Krsna will recognize you for your austerity, especially since it is getting a little tougher there, as the people are becoming more crazy than normal. Do not be afraid; Krsna will protect you. Although there are severe tests, just consider that because of your karma you should have been killed, but by Krsna's grace there were only some small cuts. Just offer your obeisances again and again to Krsna, and liberation will become your rightful claim. Even twenty years ago, no one could imagine that so many books distributed  goes beyond all material expectations. It is strictly on the spiri­tual platform, without a tinge of material inebriety. So just continue with this service and become perfect in this life and gradually attain your spiritual bodies as eternal associates of the Supreme Lord in Goloka Vrndavana. This is the end goal of all sankirtana devotees.

I pay my dandavats to all the sincere sankirtana devotees of ISKCON.

All glories to you!