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Letter of December 12, 1994


Dear sankirtana heroes of the North European Zone,


Please accept my blessings or humble obeisances. All glories fo Shrila Prabhupada, who has so mercifully given us the yearly transcendental marathon through his divine inspiration. May Shrila Prabhupada's books be distributed far and wide to all the corners or the earth during this ecstatic marathon season.Once again you are all gathered together in the middle of the Prabhupada Marathon. The year is 1994, but it could be any year at any time. The service is timeless and therefore does not have the characteristics of time, place, or circum­stance. Book distribution does not depend on any material situation. Although it is sometimes helped by some external conditions, such as the collapse of communism in 1990-91, we can see that ultimately the sankirtana mission is gradually increasing throughout the world. Our only mission is to ac­cept this sankirtana service with a full heart, convinced that this is the proper means to save the fallen conditioned souls.


The people of this world are disturbed. I have just seen on COM the results of a poll taken in the U.S.A. More than sixty percent of the people there think that soon there will be a huge catastrophe and massive destruction. Although we are not concerned with such opinions because we know that Krsna will protect us under all circumstances, it is interesting that people are somehow aware that they are sinful and that they will have to pay the price for their crimes. Everyone knows that this modern life of material lust and greed cannot continue; it must soon come crashing down. They can see this, but still they cannot change their long-standing habits because their hearts are hardened by all their harsh and cruel activities.Even the so called pious persor whoproit       particular kind of religion kill and eat animals daily or kill children in the womb. The modern society has neatly tucked the horrible scene of animals being slaughtered and children being mur­dered "out of sight, out of mind." Therefore people think that  nothing is wrong with these activities. When they worry about sinful reactions, they are not very clear about which reactions will create their pain. They only understand that the pain will come, without considering the bona fide process to alleviate this pain and cure the root cause of material disease. The time is ripe in the world. People are ready for Shrila Prabhupada's books. If they get them and read them, they will find spiritual solutions to the problems of the world. Everyone can see that rrom spiritual darkness tins world is sutrocatmg. We have to present these books to the people, so that they can get a taste of higher knowledge descending from the spiritual platform. This taste is transcendental and has to be cultivated for many lives. However, Shrila Prabhupada has written his books so that even a dull-headed person can see the beauty of his words and the pristine relevance of his purports.


Now is the rime to act. Now we must distribute these books with greater and greater enthusiasm. Sometimes we think that someone else can distribute these books and we should rather do some economic development to make our old age peaceful and happy. But this is a selfish idea, which also doesn't always work. It is not sure that you will be an eco­nomic success, especially when you do not work for the betterment of our Krsna conscious society. A Krsna conscious society is the key to correcting the problems at this world, the books are the basis of this correction, and the time to distribute them is now. Do not wait. You are only growing older and older each day. The body breaks down and gets weaker as you get older, and you cannot distribute with the same enthusiasm, although in Russia, a few ladies in their late sixties still distribute like anything. In any case, we should use the energy we have now to perform the most important welfare activity of all, the dis­tribution of the books of the most blessed Founder-Acarya oi ISKCON, His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swam: Prabhupada. What more needs be said? We know within our hearts that this book distribution mission is most relevant and essential. We know that the time is ripe and that we have nothing else to do than to distribute these books. We know that this is the way to get the mercy from Shrila Prabhupada and his devoted followers. We know that the people need this mercy more than ever before. And we know that they will take these books if we are Krsna conscious and determined in our mission. Actualiv they want these hooks, but thev lust don't know that because of ignorance.


The Supersoul is within the heart of each person you meet. The supersoul  ‘’take this book. It is good for you. You will like it." We merely have to appeal to the Lord within their hearts and attract them to His words and it will even be easy to get them to take a full set. It is an art, and we only have to learn this art. We only have to understand a few helpful hints from the maha-rathi distributors and adapt these hints to our own style of distribu­tion, and then everything will go easily. The books will fly out of our hands into the waiting hands of the people we meet. Do not fear. There is nothing to fear in this world except ignorance, and every devotee is far beyond the realm of darkness because of being illuminated by the teachings of the Lord in the Bhagavad-gita. Shrila Prabhupada has presented Krsna's words in such an attractive manner that the mind of every devotee is linked to the Lord. Now we have to go out and meet these people with confidence, knowing that we are well equipped with all the spiritual paraphernalia required to distribute these books. We have the knowledge, we have the strength, we have the mercy, we have the confidence, and we have the conviction that this is the best thing to do. What more do we need? Just go out and make your lives a success, and be happy. And remember to bless me with the dust of your lotus feet during the sankirtana festival at the end of December. Thank you all very much for allowing me to address you with these '      I am very low and fallen, I take strength in these opportunities to address the sankirtana devotees during this most important time. Hare Krsna.I hope this meets you well, happy, and fully absorbed in the sankirtana mission.