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Letter of December 12, 1990


My dear sankirtana heroes and heroines of East Germany, Please accept my blessings. You are all doing so nicely there on the marathon. I am very pleased with all of you. Shrila Prabhupada is more pleased with all of you; and above all, Lord Chaitanya is very pleased with all of you. To please these personalities is the perfection of life. Please no on ^leasin0 them more and more and n-i^kp vnnr lives fully perfect in this very lifetime. When you become completely perfect through this sankirtana mission, then you will hear the lotus flute of the Lord inviting vou back to His spiritual abode within a short time. We do not expect that this will come very soon, but even if we have to wait until we are old, still the ecstasy of attaining the lotus feet of the Lord is worth the wait. We can tolerate anything if ultimately we are going to attain the lotus feet of the Lord.


This sariktrtana mission is the life and soul of the devotees. Prahlada Maharaja said that he had no problems, as long as he could hear and chant the holy name of the Lord. When he chanted, he started to float in the ocean of nectar and could easily step beyond the ocean of material suffering. His only concern was for the fools and rascals in the material world, who are without the understanding of the mercy of the Lord. He is thinking of them in love and wants to help them out of their suffering condition. You are all working in that mood of love for the conditioned souls, so please just go on until every last one of them has been approached with the transcenden­tal mercy in the form of Shrila Prabhupada's books. This will be the perfection of life. I hope this meets you well and happy in your divine mission.