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You are a sincere girl and certainly Krsna will help you to learn all that you must to become a good sankirtana devotee. Krsna is in our hearts, and whenever He sees that His devo­tees are struggling to surrender unto Him, He very kindly takes the trouble to purify the devotee from within and give him the opportunity to surrender more and more. You should not worry that you are seemingly not having personal relationship with your spiritual mastet. This under­standing is false. You are always having personal relationship with the spiritual masters (including Shrila Prabhupada!) sim­ply by following their order and distributing Shrila Prabhu-pada's books. This is the most personal and pertect way to serve the spiritual master. There is no better way than that. So please engage yourself in this mission and be blessed and happy. The marathon time is a time of blissfulness. Please take full advantage of it. (November 19,1989)


I am very glad that you are enthusiastically engaged in the sankirtana movement and that you have accepted the burden of becoming a sankirtana leader. The spiritual master is most pleased when his disciples accept part of the great burden that he feels for spreading this Krsna consciousness movement, i his pleases Krsna very mucii. I heretore, 1 am most happy that you are engaged in this way, and I pray to Krsna that you will increase your service more and more. Please always be engaged in bringing new people to the platform of Krsna consciousness and then engage them in dis­tributing these books, so that we can increase the distribu­tion there in Yugoslavia more and more. Now in these times of political crisis, the people require the steady peace of Krsna consciousness more than ever before. Therefore, give them the perfect philosophy and let them advance hy readinp these books. (February 25, 1991)


It is very nice to hear that there will soon be five sankirtana groups for the matdjls. This is verv encouraging. Let all the girls in Germany be engaged in distributing these wonderful books of Shrila Prabhupada. These books are the life and soul of our spiritual life and without them we would have nothing. Prabhupada gave his life for writing and distributing these books and we should pay back the great debt we all owe him by distributing these books more and more. So go on with this process and continue developing ma-taji consciousness for preaching and learning this philosophy more and more. Every devotee should become learned in the philosophy. Our girls are our hidden weapons. People do not expect to hear nice philosophy from ladies, and when they do hear it they become amazed and respectful. So if all our ladies can learn this philosophy nicely and at the same time distribute it through these books, the people of this country will have to accept it in due course of time. (June 3, 1991)