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Throw Away the Crutches


It has become more and more obvious throughout the years that the only method of doing sankirtana for a long time is to sell the book on the merit of the book itself without using "crutches" of false stories of welfare activities. One may be able to do that for a while, but later on he thinks it is simply parrot-like repetition and wants to do something else. Always tJiocnt the buokj tus what the\ aiv. and preach. It ..'.'. satisfy you more than any other form of distribution. Those who are occasional distributors may require mantras, lines, and other crutches to help them out, and that is all right. But the regular sahklrtaners must be strict and deliver the books for what they are—the highest transcendental knowledge available in the universe. By good preaching and example, one can transform the other's ideas of how to dis­tribute. This is the way it was done in Switzerland and it can also be done there.


The temple president must he the ultimate sankMana leader, for without his pushing it and arranging things nicely for sankirtana, how can it go on? But the sankirtana itself may or may not be organized by mm directly, lot others may be more qualified. But he has to have the sankirtana spirit and dedication. He might not go to international sankirtana meetings, but he will gladly push on the sankirtana in what­ever way he can. If you are the sankirtana leader, then you must organize it properly. The temple president can assist you from his own position. (November 11,1988) Do not worry if you are somewhat attached to the result in the beginning. That is natural. But that can go away, after a while, when you realize how flickering is this sense grati­fication. That comes from doing nicely on book distribution or anything in Krsna consciousness. When you realize that it is not you doing these nice things but Krsna, then you become very peaceful and undisturbed, even if everyone is cheering you and shouting your name. All glories go to the spiritual master and Krsna, for it is they who are actually expanding the service more and more. (May 2, 1991)