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The Real Medicine


I am in due receipt of your group letter sent on the 26th of February 1989 and thank you very much for it. You are all taking care of me so nicely. Actually, the real medicine is the distribution of literature. If you all just continue to preach and distribute these books of Shrila Prabhupada, then I shall definitely get better.To be honest, I am getting better now. It will take just some months more until I am strong enough to go somewhere, but you can know it for certain that I will head straight for the ,Heidelberg   temple, iavuiin. piaee. ioui Jnuauiidi service is making a magnetic pull on my consciousness and surely I will come there this year. There is no doubt about it at this point.  Although I am weak and useless, I am serving Krsna through all of you. Since you are all young and strong, I am happy just being your servant to push you onwards to greater perfection in the preaching effort. (March 21, 1989) Now you must be fully immersed in the nectar of book dis­tribution, and I am sure that vou are getting a full taste of the nectar oi Lurd Caitama's uieie\. I am proud that you are my disciple, and if you just continue in this way, you will bring me back to Godhead.


The sankirtana devotees are practically my only interest. Other things are important only as long as they relate to the support of the sankirtana mission. Therefore, please continue in this way more and more and perfect your life. (December 10, 1986) I wanted to write a letter to you, thanking you for your dedicated service in supporting our Krsna conscious projects here in Sweden. I am most indebted to you, and certainly Krsna will grant you His mercy for this nice endeavor, per­formed without any thought of personal advantage. I do not know how to properly thank you, for you are all very serious and sincere workers. Please be satisfied with your service alone, for there are no material benedictions that could be a proper reward. Most people are only concerned with finding some man, living in some cubicle, and rotting in the material muck of mayd. But you girls have transcended this lower condition. I know that sometimes you are having problems, but your dedication shows in the way that you go on in spite of that, day after day. And I would like to thank you on behalf of Krsna. Certainly He is satisfied with you. That is perfection. (November 26, 1987)


So long as you are distributing Shrila Prabhupada's books, you will be safe and happy, and I will reap the rewards of your efforts as well. Because of having such good disciples as yuuiselt, useless iellovvs like myseii get benelited. lour stones of the glories of distribution are very nice, and I pray to Krsna that He empowers you more and more with His full mercy to preach. We do not care about big numbers. In the U.S.A. nowadays any number of books is big, so please go on steadily in this way, and you will never get bewildered by the tricks of the material energy. (May 21,1988) Actually, I do not know how to properly reciprocate with great sankirtana devotees. I do not feel myself very qualified. You are all s^readin*7 Lord Oaitanva's minion so nicely an/' I teel myselt unqualified in comparison. However, since you are my disciples, this gives me some credit, and although 1 am not worth much mvself, I become blessed bv havine such nice disciples, who are spreading this sankirtana mission far and wide. I cannot think of any way to reward you. You are already being directly rewarded by Shrila Prabhupada, as he throws his mercy upon your heads. Please don't deviate from this principle of book distribution, and please make book distri­bution a grand success there in Norway. (March 31, 1988) I am personally not very qualified as a devotee and I am full of faults; however, there are some very nice distributors in my zone who are expert in all ways. They are factually doing all the nice work of spreading Krsna consciousness throughout the zone. They are factually taking me back to Godhead. At least I hope that I will get the spiritual credit from the glorious activities of these great souls.


So you are asking me for blessings, but I am not the one who possesses the blessings, rather they are coming from those who are on the street daily, giving out the nectar to the con­ditioned souls. They have the blessings, so please request them to help you. Whatever little blessings I have received in my association with them, I gladly share with you, for after all, the blessings are meant for those who are actually engaged in the battle with maya, not those who sit around in their offices all day engaged in so many mundane things (me). (December 10, 1989) My initial experience with sankirtana was on the streets or New York City, doing Back w Godhead magazines with the harindma party. This was the only form of sankirtana at the time. Later on, I was with the old "Road Show," and we continued the sale of Back to Godhead on the street, as well as selling a few Krsna books at some programs. In the spring  of 1972 I went to India, where I was engaged by Shrila Prabhu­pada in selling books through the life membership program, which I did for some time. Later on, I returned to New York tor a short time and also distributed from the temple on the subways and the malls. I have always understood from the first days on the street ihe extreme importance of the sankirtana mission. Without performing sankirtana, no devotee can be happy. Real hap­piness comes when one is connected with Lord Chaitanya by pleasing Him through the performance of the sankirtana-yajfia.


Sometimes neophyte sankirtana devotees become some­what discouraged in their service because of having insuf­ficient knowledge as to what is the point of theit service. One has to know our whole philosophy quite well and then he can understand the importance of the sankirtana mission. It is not really an engagement for the ignorant, but is mainly meant for those who have a thorough understanding of the process of devotional service. Therefore, all your doubts and difficulties could be answered if you were to systematically study Shrila Prabhupada's books while you are on sankirtana. One of the reasons why the devotees in my zone are so steady-on sankirtana is that they all read Shrila Prabhupada's books at least two hours a day, and that gives them the strength to go on in this service forever. Hear lectures by Shrila Prabhu­pada and read his books. Take shelter of those who have taken shelter of Shrila Prabhupada, and you will never be at a loss what to do in spiritual life. It is a fact that your sincerity will be tested before you can attain the platform of steadiness. Sometimes Krsna will allow you to distribute a lot in one day, and the next day, after you have profoundly congratulated yourself, you do next to nothing. This kind of up and down is a type of test given by the Lord. Initially, He will inspire you with a big success, and you may think, Oh, tins is easy: but tne very next day you will find out that it is not so easy as you thought. Actually sankirtana is neither hard nor easy, rather it is an austerity like all services and it must be met with determination and conviction. (March 7, 1990)