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The Perfection of Life


I was especially glad to hear that you are most eager to preach and distribute books. That is certainly the topmost of all spiri­tual engagements. I am always very pleased to accept disciples who are sanklrtaners. They are the topmost personalities. (May 19, 1981) If you want to surrender your life fully to the sankirtana mission, then please, by all means do so, for this is the per­fection of life. This sankirtana mission is the means to spread Krsna consciousness throughout the world where the people are suffering in ignorance due to their lack of Krsna con­sciousness. So please surrender vour life to this mission and make it your number one duty. Distribute books, distribute books, distribute books. (May 4, 1991) You can accomplish a lot in your lifetime for the spreading of this Krsna consciousness movement. Your present under­standing that these books are the basis of all preaching success is absolutely correct. There is no better way to preach this Krsna consciousness movement than through the distribution of this transcendental literature.


Shrila Prabhupada was so pleased to see his books distrib­uted. He was ecstatic to hear the scares. Other things were nice, but this was the real nectar. If this was not going on, then the other things had no taste. Book distribution is our real mission anu nothing else compares lo u. There ale iuan> different ways to distribute books, so please choose which­ever means suits you best. There are many experts there in Germany, so follow in their footsteps. (June 10, 1988) I am very happy that you are making sankirtana with such seriousness and determination. Every week so many letters are coming from the conditioned souls, many of them directly inquiring about how to obtain relief from material existence and take advantage of the mercy of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. If we can become an instrument for assistin° the spiritual master in his work ot reclaiming the bewildered materialists, then we should have no doubt that we are most fortunate and firmlv fixed on the path back to Godhead. You are a nice, intelligent girl, and I would like very much that you dedicate your life's energies to spreading real happiness—spiritual happiness — to everyone. You and the other devotees should take good advantage of the present circumstances, which may end at any moment. So all of you become fixed in knowledge, distribute knowledge, and absorb yourselves more and more in Krsna consciousness. Books are the basis of Krsna conscious­ness. If Shrila Prabhupada's books are more and more distrib­uted, then certainly everything will become successful and auspicious for everyone in due course. (Undated) It would, of course, be best if you were engaged in the san­klrtana mission by directly selling Prabhupada's books. This is the best of all services and the one that will help you advance in spiritual life the quickest. Selling Prabhupada's books turns you from a neophyte to an advanced devotee, especially if vou are always engaging in studying these books at the same time. If you are carefully reading these books and distributing them, your Krsna consciousness will expand more and more. Of this there is no doubt. (October 14,1990)


It is not at all true that you are disconnected with "my mission" if you are in another zone. You are distributing in my BBT zone, and therefore you are still, in a very real sense, in my zone. It makes absolutely no difference to me whether you preach in my GBC zone or my BBT zone. In fact, if you had to, vou could live in someone else's zone, and that would also be ail right, it you would just go on with the preaching mission. This mission is Shrila Prabhupada's mission. I have no separate or independent mission, and if you are fulfilling the mission of Shrila Prabhupada, regardless of where it is, I feel myself successful as a spiritual master. You are engaged in sankirtana and you are serving Krsna sincerely. I am pleased by that. It will not please me more if you are living in my GBC zone. This is not at all required. I am trying not to be fruitive; that is our philosophy, isn't it? You are serving Krsna and that is perfection, regardless of where the service is being performed, ^r. nlpqsp insr an on set-vino Krsna and the sniritual master nicely wherever you are. That will certainly please me. Please always stay happy in your service of transcendental book distribution. Know it for certain that there is no better way to preach Krsna consciousness than through the distribu­tion of Shrila Prabhupada's books. (March 18,1992)


This sankirtana movement is so sublime, and every sincere devotee will find a place within it. There is an ocean of bliss available for all devotees who continue with this sankirtana mission every day, and then they will dive into the ocean and splash around in it ecstatically. Please be one of the lucky persons who are always absorbed in the transcendental preaching service of the Lord. (March 7, 1990)  If you can distribute Shrila Prabhupada's books, that will be the perfection of your life. Even if it is a bit difficult in the beginning, if you just try over long periods of time, you will get the hang of it and become a useful devotee in ISKCON. Of course, all services are absolute and useful, but what is really needed now is to increase the number of book distributors. So try this service with all your determination and see if you can do it nicely. (September 4,1991)


The desire to assist in the production and distribution of Shrila Prabhupada's books is the topmost of all desires, since this service is the real core and life of this Krsna conscious­ness movement. If you maintain this desire throughout your life, you will return back to Godhead without a doubt. Please continue to render service to those great souls who are engaged in producing Shrila Prabhupada's books. Be hum­ble and always aware of how it is an honor to produce these books, it is a rare opportunity to be part oi the team producing these books, so count your blessings and continue to work with great enthusiasm. Krsna will be pleased upon you and your countrymen. (August 2, 1987) The sankirtana devotees get the perfection of mercy, and no other form of mercy can compare to it. The perfection of life is to be a sankirtana devotee always engaged in Lord Chaitanya's mission. Therefore, what is there for you to fear? Rather, the others who are not engaged in this service have more to fear, since they must struggle more to attain the same Krasna consciousness. Don’t worry about what your mind tells you; it is generally all nonsense anyway. Neither worry too much about other speculations as well. Just go on distributing these books and all perfection will come little bv little At least have that faith. (October 6, 1986)