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The Higher Taste


Sometimes sankirtana devotees try to do other services, but usually these other services fail in due course of time. Fools think that this is because the sankirtana devotee is incapable of doing anything else, because he was never trained in any other way, but I reject that idea. Training is not the only cause   and determination. Once a sankirtana devotee gets the taste for saving the conditioned souls directly by giving them a book, he cannot lose that taste, and other services seem pale in comparison. This is not a fault, rather a deep realization. Thus it makes sense that you are useless at other things, because at heart you are a sankirtana devotee. This is the highest form of preach­ing, and thus your heart is spontaneously attracted to it like a bee to pollen. Do not think there is anything wrong with that, even if oceans of fools and rascals proclaim this from the  rooftops.You will be situated back in the abode of Krsna very quickly simply by doing this sankirtana service for the rest of your life. Being brahminicai means to always engage in teaching and helping others. In your case this means to teach, inspire, and do sankirtana, avoiding the filthy hole of householder attach­ments. (March 23,1985) I am very pleased to hear how you are increasing your book distribution by giving out Prabhupada's books more and more. There is nothing more satisfying than that. Just go on in this way, without attachment to the results. (Results must be there, since that is the nature of book distribution. We must dis­tribute books and that is a result.) By engaging in this book distribution mission your natural love for Krsna will auto­matically increase more and more by His grace and pleasure. (June 2,1985)


You are not a sahajiya if you say that you love to go on sankirtana. You are simply a normal, fully adjusted sankirtana devotee. That person who said that we are not yet on that platform, to speak like that, obviously is not on that platform. The sankirtana mission is our life and soul and we not only can love it, we should! Please go on loving sankirtana; it will save you in these troubled times.People are in a very bad state, yet some of them are blissfully becoming Krsna conscious despite it all, simply through the reading of Prabhupada's books. This is wonderful. You will see it more and mor^ since you are out in the world and realizing it daily. Others who stay in the temple cannot understand tills. Perhaps also olhels, even d they gu uul, aisu ...n.-iui understand this. But you can and that is good. Krsna will glance on you, since you are spreading His glories. You are sincere and properly engaged. Besides that,you have nice realization of Him, so why shouldn't He glance upon you lovingly? He does love you, there is no doubt about this. Just go on demonstrating your love for Him by distrib­uting this transcendental literature as you are doing. (August 10, 1987)