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Steadily Going On


I am pleased that you are doing distribution and preaching steadily throughout all these years. You may not be doing a lot of distribution, and you may not be doing it with the perfect consciousness of compassion toward the conditioned souls, but at least you are doing it and that pleases me. You can please me more by developing the proper consciousness in distribution and engaging yourself more purely in devo­tional service, that is a fact. So please just continue with your service as you have been doing steadily for years now, and try to develop a more compassionate understanding of the peo­ple on the street. I can understand that it is difficult, because the people are so foolish sometimes, but if you keep reading Prabhupada's books, you will start to see them with a tran­scendental eye and you will understand that they are fol­lowing the dictations of the three modes of material nature, it you give them Krsna consciousness, then they will advance beyond the influence of the modes and become transcenden­tal. It is up to you to give them a chance to advance beyond the lower modes of nature and to taste a bit of the higher plat­form of spiritual life. Please just go on with this sankirtana mission and just by doing it, however imperfectly, you will please me and Shrila Prabhupada. (November 3, 1991)


Regarding the sankirtana men's feeling of frustration at not being able to freely express themselves as devotees—I think that problem was solved bv their doing some street chanting each week and short distribution. I hat should be sufficient to overcome that feeling. But they should not fall into the trap thinking that there is some service that is higher than this street book distribution. No one should ever forget for a moment that this is the most important method of preaching Krsna consciousness and no other method is as important. One who is distributing books is simply paving his way back to the spiritual world. (November 12, 1980) Single-minded intelligence means that you are determined to execute the instructions of the spiritual master without deviation. Now if the authorities and the GBC decide that you should make a traveling preaching party, then you should do it with great determination. But if they say that you should remain on sankirtana, then you should do that with great determination. As a general rule, I think that it is better that you remain on sankirtana until you absolutely cannot go further. Then you can take up these other programs one after another. In the meantime, you should fix your mind on the sankirtana mission and not be disturbed with other ideas. The sankirtana mission is our life and soul and it should not be disturbed by mental speculation. This is a problem with many devo­tees. They are already doing the highest service, and then they want to do something else that completely destroys their determination to do sankirtana. Please do not become a devo­tee like that. You are already doing the nicest sankirtana and often you are the top distributor, so please do not change that for doing some other program. When you are older and can­not do sankirtana anymore, then you can do many programs and we shall be happy to see you preaching in that way. But until then, just go on as you are going and increase your dis­tribution more and more. Thank you for this distribution. You are pleasing me very much. (May 2,1991)


It is very good that you are attached to making books for the BBT and selling books on sankirtana. This is very good service attitude, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with such conception. I am sorry to hear that your husband does not want you to go on sankirtana, since sankirtana is the very best service for purification of heart and mind . At last you should do sankirtana during these years, while you are still young enough, because later on when you will get older it will be very difficult to continue. Older devotees cannot go on distributing in the same manner and they generally take to managerial positions. So I would suggest that when the BBT service is finished, that you continue with sankirtana until you cannot do it anymore and that will help you in your endeavor to become purified. Otherwise, you will have to stay around the temple and always be disturbed because of this and that problem with overcrowded devotees. (July 16,1990)