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I have a disturbance. Something is always giving me pain and >ou, as a auiiendeied uis^iple, may dedicate yuui life iu ic-lieving me of that suffering condition. My suffering is that all the fallen souls are without proper knowledge of what is their actual position in relation to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Shri Krsna. Due to this ignorance they are put into so many inconveniences. Therefore, a Vaisnava is para-duhkha-duhkhl—he is feeling pain when others are feeling pain. Therefore, how do you relieve this suffering condition? By distributing more and more books and inspiring others to also do so. By distributing this transcendental literature more and more, you will gradually bring Kali-yuga to a halt and once again establish the Golden Age. Please make this business your life's mission and help others to also take to this mis­sion very seriously. Thus there will be all perfections and blessings poured upon you through the mercy of Shri Gaitanya Mahaprabhu. (May 6, 1978)


The reason we place so much emphasis on book distribu­tion is as follows: People are not very capable of under­standing something they hear, especially the first couple of times. People are slow, mandah, in this age of Kali, and they cannot understand even the simplest things. Therefore, when we speak to them, mostly they go away with a feeling whether this was good or bad, nice or not nice, and little philosophi­cal realization other than that. Sometimes we think our-preachers, the persons we preach to are not good listeners, and therefore, the preaching is not always the most effective means of reaching them.Therefore the books. The books are physical objects that speak to them always. They can read the lines again and again until they understand them perfectly. They can read over the course of years and thus learn the philosophy. These books are perfect in all respects, but our preaching is always full of various faults. So whether we preach directly, or perhaps more indirectly, the goal is the same: to give them a set of the books to study. The books have made everyone devotees directly or indirectly. I am not concerned whether you serve in this or that preaching capacity so long as it is authorized bv the temple authorities. (March 29,1988)


You can understand more about why you are on the streets doing sankirtana by asking the older devotees why you are there, and also hearing lectures by older devotees, where the subject matter is explained. You are on the street because it is the order of the spiritual master and especially of Shrila Prabhupada, as he wanted his books distributed far and wide throughout this world. It is the best means of preaching Krsna consciousness, and the more books go out, the more the peo­ple will surrender to Krsna in due course of time. You are performing the highest welfare work for the people of your country by distributing these books. Please do it with great dedication, and Krsna will grant you His mercy without a doubt. (September 2, 1991)